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Jesień w kolorze miłości by Monika Holyk-Arora Jesień w kolorze miłości by Oct. 13, 2015 3017 words Read a sample
Miłość potrafi eksplodować feerią barw i uczuć niezależnie od pogody panującej wokół nas...
Yes You May by Joe Brewster Yes You May by Oct. 12, 2015 3630 words Read a sample
Joe 20, has a crush on his 39 year old art teacher, Sonia, but is much too shy to pursue her. He rents a place from her & is forced to take in a roommate recommended by Sonia to pay the rent. New roommate Jalena, 25, is a hardcore. She dictates every phase of Joe's life much to his benefit as he gets out of his old rut of worrying too much about petty stuff. After Jalena Joe is ready for Sonia.
Breaking His Girl (Part 3) by Alex Varen Breaking His Girl (Part 3) by Oct. 12, 2015 7153 words Read a sample
If you’re tired of the same old smut, welcome to Where you’ll find intelligent stories, populated by sexy characters, in explicit scenes. While always composed in a lyrical prose, for a more cultured reading experience. Dirty, delicious, naughty and nasty. And strictly for adults only. 18+
Trapped In Temptation #1 (BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance) by Mac Flynn Trapped In Temptation #1 (BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance) by Oct. 12, 2015 7504 words Read a sample
Crystal Smith is a large girl with little ambition. Her dreary life as an office worker is boring, but suits her. All that changes when her friend suggests she go on vacation to a mountain ski resort. A blizzard decides to intercept her plans, but a knight in shining armor comes along and saves her from a cold end. Things sizzle when she finds herself wanting to thank him with something more.
The Alex Chronicles:Girlfriends & Secrets by Tracy Reed The Alex Chronicles:Girlfriends & Secrets by Oct. 11, 2015 16001 words Read a sample
How well do you know your best friend? That's the question Alexandra Miller and her four best friends asked themselves after that weekend in Atlanta. The five women went to Atlanta to celebrate Alex's new boutique. However, a few surprises opened the door to secrets none of them ever expected to share.
The Vampire President and the Headmistress by Arwen Jayne The Vampire President and the Headmistress by Oct. 11, 2015 68497 words Sample 30%
Can the new vampire president of the remote and secretive Republic of Translavia be trusted? That is the question Adelaide must answer. The enemy is watching. Already messing with the new regime they will do anything to bring it down including killing anyone who stands in their way. An ancient prophecy, assassination attempts, channeled healing, dream yoga and plenty of kinky sex.
This Is Where I Leave You by joecbell79 This Is Where I Leave You by Oct. 11, 2015 2255 words Read a sample
A short story. My first.
That Eighteenth Summer by Raine O'Tierney That Eighteenth Summer by Oct. 11, 2015 46782 words Read a sample
Ollie's world is in chaos. His friends have abandoned him, his plans are falling through left and right, and he doesn't know what he wants in life anymore. Plus, as if he wasn't already confused enough, his brother's best friend, Luca Santini, has caught Ollie's eye. While Luca may be smokin' hot, he's definitely not the girlfriend Ollie was expecting!
The Trials of Time Book 1 The Lost Love by B.E. Crittenden The Trials of Time Book 1 The Lost Love by Oct. 11, 2015 13668 words Read a sample
It is better to have loved and lost. Time will separate you from the pain. But after millions of years Marcus Perrin was given a second chance to be with his one true love. To kiss her once again and feel her heart beat as he held her in his arms. One more chance to look into her eyes and hear the words… I love you.
Omnibus 1 by Johan Crous Omnibus 1 by Oct. 11, 2015 244181 words Read a sample
Paula: Paula verloor haar dogter en man en gaan geskend deur die lewe. Kan die veel jonger Werner Brits haar hartseer verander? Tanya se tweede keer: Tanya, het 'n mislukte huwelik en ontmoet 'n ouer man. Jaco bedreig haar vanuit die tronk. Pieter bring haar terug: Santie roep Pieter se hulp in toe haar dogter gesteel word. Andries kom tot rus: Andries soek sy moeder en Santie staan hom by.
Sex with a Stranger by Ariel L'Amant Sex with a Stranger by Oct. 11, 2015 2146 words Read a sample
Hannah is a married woman with a secret. Her fantasy is to be ravished by a stranger and to return to her loving husband. This is her story.
GI Joe Holiday by Amberly Smith GI Joe Holiday by Oct. 10, 2015 15653 words Read a sample
Declan Mathews has two objectives after surviving Navy SEAL Hell Week: keep his secrets hidden and enjoy what may be his last Christmas with his family. But Deck’s holiday plans are shot to bits when his commanding officer orders him to sit for artist Mason Cartwright. How in blue blazes is Deck supposed to stay safely in the closet when there’s a gorgeous man staring at his ass?
A Tavern In The Dark by Nobo13 A Tavern In The Dark by Oct. 10, 2015 2406 words Read a sample
"My business is a tiny tavern a little out from the city. It serves just a few people at a time. It’s a nice scenic place people can hire out for private events. I reunite old friends and lovers so that these regrets can finally be over." A flash fiction about regrets.
Невеста по почте (Mail order bride In Russian) by Elena Zhilnikova Невеста по почте (Mail order bride In Russian) by Oct. 10, 2015 3722 words Sample 20%
Заказная невеста приезжает к жениху на ферму, но кандидатов в мужья не один, а трое.
Ravers Fantasy by Sam Smith Ravers Fantasy by Oct. 10, 2015 39026 words Sample 20%
The story was written by myself between November 2014 - September 2015 and is fictional but based on experiences that I had when I was younger. The story contains some offensive language, numerous drug references and incidents of depression, mental health and self harm. For more information contact me at:
Yours, Mine And The Truth by Clair Gibson Yours, Mine And The Truth by Oct. 10, 2015 56889 words Read a sample
David McClellan went to work one morning and his wife Jayne cleared out their home. Weeks pass by and David disintegrates into a shell of himself, publically humiliated by Jayne in front of the office staff. Can he recover from the ultimate betrayal? Meanwhile things are not rosy for Lindsay & boyfrien Brian either. When she suspects he cheated on her she gives him an ultimatum. Will he stay ?
The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 2: The Contract by Evelyn Aster The Beautician and the Billionaire Episode 2: The Contract by Oct. 09, 2015 14940 words Read a sample
Charisse's family is driving Conor crazy. Marie won't let Conor near Charisse, and Roy won't sign over the partnership for Charisse's salon. When the deal is finally done, Conor and Charisse share a quiet moment together at her salon. He even convinces her to give him another soul moving shampoo, but this time, it's not his soul that moves...
Con Me Hard (Book 1): Can this sexy con artist ever be trusted? by Lady Luck Con Me Hard (Book 1): Can this sexy con artist ever be trusted? by Oct. 09, 2015 12688 words Read a sample
When you’re desperate to be conned, it’s a dangerous game…. At college, she teased him. Now he’s making a comeback. But what Claudia doesn’t know about the new, confident Sammy, with his deep eyes and toned flesh and hand-on-body flirtation, is that his interest in con artists isn’t just for fun. He can get what he wants whenever he wants it, using his body, his words, and that smoldering gaze...
All That Matters by Khaleel Jooste All That Matters by Oct. 09, 2015 2505 words Read a sample
Bismillah As she flips open the cover, she is startled by a faint, purple streak that catches the corner of her eye. She looks slowly to her right. It throbs lightly. A steady beat. Slowly she reaches out towards it; her hand shaky as she is almost able to touch it. “Lord have mercy!” InshaAllah
Gratitude by Khaleel Jooste Gratitude by Oct. 09, 2015 4944 words Read a sample
Bismillah The beat starts the same throbbing it did outside. The blue glow starts flickering faintly. It goes into her dressing room. She follows it. “Is someone here,” she asks as she enters and closes the door. All she hears is the beat. The glow almost in the centre of the room; it starts turning purple. InshaAllah
Hard Medicine - Part Two by Shauna Sexton Hard Medicine - Part Two by Oct. 09, 2015 8004 words Read a sample
A phone call at work heralds Kate Shepard's first meeting with billionaire Scott Lewis. He has just given her company millions of dollars and the financial lifeline it needs to get its new drug treatment to market. But Scott brings much more than money, private aircraft and a taste of wealth. He also brings a sexual awakening that Kate could never have imagined.
Stolen by Jalena Dunphy Stolen by Oct. 08, 2015 92614 words Read a sample
What's lost can be found, what's stolen can be returned and when your heart has been broken, love will always find a way to put the pieces together again.
The Grey Suit Club by Kat Von Wild The Grey Suit Club by Oct. 08, 2015 111122 words Sample 33%
An unconventional offer that leads into a sultry mix of business and pleasure, while distorting the lines of corporate business structure to one woman’s advantage. Fate, sexual pleasures, and exchanges can sometimes work out when only two are involved, yet sometimes a woman can feel lucky when there are choices for her to make.
O FIltro dos Sonhos by Camila Guerra O FIltro dos Sonhos by Oct. 08, 2015 8982 words Read a sample
Um conto sobre o amor, sobre descobertas e sobre as infinitas possibilidades que estão em nossas mãos!
Crushed by Marie Cole Crushed by Oct. 08, 2015 56280 words Read a sample
I have lived by the words, "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes." I have always helped others see. But when I have found the one, I am stunned. Love is nothing like I thought it would be. It is terrible and cruel. Impatient and demanding. I feel myself drowning. If he does not come soon my heart will shatter and I will die here, surrounded by flames and water. Can he save me?
Where I Belong by Melissa Kean Where I Belong by Oct. 08, 2015 87099 words Read a sample
No two people handle tragedy the same way. For Cordelia, a brush with death gave her a lasting fear of the sea, yet a heart full of hope. But for Andrew, grief’s wounds run too deep; he inwardly shuts down. When Cordelia and Andrew are thrust together by a fateful storm, they learn how to face their fears through truth, courage, and forgiveness—but mostly through the curative power of love.
Columbus' Trials by EFon Columbus' Trials by Oct. 07, 2015 3833 words Read a sample
Columbus petitioned the court of Ferdinand and Isabella for years, always being told his estimates of the size of the globe were far too small, that he was a fool for thinking he could cross to the Orient by sailing into the endless great Atlantic Ocean. Then suddenly he had hi ships and the rest is history. What changed? Here's one fun idea...
The Bond of Sin by Jessica Jamshedji The Bond of Sin by Oct. 07, 2015 57719 words Read a sample
THE SIN: Catherine is pregnant but the beauty is refused her right and left alone with her unborn child. Valentiniau stands by her, but she has her doubts behind his motive. Valentiniau thinks she has a secret to reveal. THE BOND: But in spite of the sins, the unknown motives and secrets they have a bond, something their heart cannot deny. Something neither the Secrets nor the lies could break.
Burn me again Book 2 by Million Publishing Burn me again Book 2 by Oct. 06, 2015 15725 words Read a sample
Now that Brody has promised Emma to give her all of her first’s things are looking up for their relationship. That is, until a family tragedy threatens to either bring them closer or tear them apart. Emma has always been there for Brody and he’s been her support for as long as either of them can remember. What happens when one of them starts to pull away?
Pool Man by Doug Nelson Pool Man by Oct. 06, 2015 6208 words Read a sample
Small talk with her condo's pool man leads him and Meg into a sweet courtship. Bert is honest about his relationship with Meg's friend, Fran and even about his seemingly dissolute lifestyle. Meg confronts him because she is falling for him. She looks back to her year as a nurse in Vietnam 40 years ago to see that Bert was, however briefly, part of her life. He is to remain so.
Balkan Magic (The Misadventures of Annika Brisby, Book 1) by Emigh Cannaday Balkan Magic (The Misadventures of Annika Brisby, Book 1) by Oct. 06, 2015 152849 words Sample 20%
Aspiring rock star Annika Brisby travels to Eastern Europe and slips through a broken portal that leads to a world of myth and magic. Wood nymphs and a wild-haired, wanton woodland elf named Talvi vow to help her get back home, but they also leave her wondering whether or not she truly wants to return.
When the Sun Courts the Moon: First Date by Alexia Praks When the Sun Courts the Moon: First Date by Oct. 06, 2015 21921 words Read a sample
When the drop-dead gorgeous Sam Harrington and his cute daughter waltz into her life, Chan’s world turns upside down. Sam draws her to him like a moth to a flame with his good looks, charismatic personality, and kindness. Most of all, his warm gaze and gentle touches tempt her with the promise of hot seduction—a dangerous territory she is very afraid to enter, yet longs to experience.
Energy Flow (soul to soul, flesh to flesh, energy to energy) by Clitty Franky Energy Flow (soul to soul, flesh to flesh, energy to energy) by Oct. 06, 2015 14388 words Read a sample
Doctor Sabrina Wright, a 27 year old lady could not believe that her hormones can flow whenever she meets him. She found herself behaving awkward in front of him, but she doesn't know why. Even many prominent rich guys that had wooed her have never moved her like this. No wonder she plays hard to get. Now she doesn't know what is wrong with her.
abc by Richa Bargotra abc by Oct. 06, 2015 24303 words Read a sample
Lovers During War by Adam Mortimer Lovers During War by Oct. 05, 2015 2791 words Sample 20%
Story of of a woman's secret affair back in the vietnam war with a soldier,her family knew nothing about her past until now. A heart warming story about love and sorrow..
Stolen From My Mate by Darlya Gray Stolen From My Mate by Oct. 05, 2015 40151 words Read a sample
Never Steal From An Alpha Jessica worked hard to get this point in her career. So far as to put off things most people would be doing. She meets a man that makes her wild and she soon finds out this man isn’t just a man but also a werewolf. His initial behaviors is odd but over time she fall for him. However her new position in his life proves dangerous for her.
Tandav by Rajendra Kumar Tandav by Oct. 05, 2015 8221 words Read a sample
Kevin, unaware of his sexual orientation, divorces his wife but keeps his daughter who has chosen to live with him. To deal with his loneliness, he brings Pat, a recovering drug addict, to his home as a live-in companion to his family. Soon the three are emotionally bonded. An attempted sexual assault on Kimberley by a stranger becomes a catalyst for their lives spiraling out of control.
Hypnotized by Lucia Hypnotized by Oct. 04, 2015 9995 words Read a sample
Can the pair overcome their shared history to make a connection and fulfil each others desires?
Sinfully Mine by Lucia Sinfully Mine by Oct. 04, 2015 9654 words Read a sample
Will Willow’s sexual fantasy be turned on its head when her boss, Briggs tries to make her his slave in the worst way possible?
Teased by Lucia Teased by Oct. 04, 2015 9683 words Read a sample
The mysterious room brings her pleasures only her darkest desires could imagine and as she begins to be pushed closer and closer to the edge, will she learn to hold on, or let go?
Classic Q by C. S Luis Classic Q by Oct. 03, 2015 225708 words Read a sample
Sixteen-year-old Claudia is an ordinary girl, at least that’s what she thought before the death of her parents. And when she discovers she has a long lost grandfather she never knew existed, she soon realizes things will never be the same. But what she doesn’t realize is that her grandfather holds a frightened secret, one that she will soon discover the hard way.
Werewolf Romance: Phoenix Wolf Pack (Dark Werewolf Heart Book Series) by GP Joyner Werewolf Romance: Phoenix Wolf Pack (Dark Werewolf Heart Book Series) by Oct. 03, 2015 8368 words Read a sample
They say that the universe is ever expanding in every possible direction. I suppose that's why I believe out of all the possible interactions that are possible in the world, the ones that actually materialize are meant to be. That's what happened when I met Alex....
Stepbrother Romance: After Mine (Contemporary Stepping Book Series) by GP Joyner Stepbrother Romance: After Mine (Contemporary Stepping Book Series) by Oct. 02, 2015 8364 words Read a sample
They say a strong woman knows what she wants... But what if what she wants is something she know she shouldn't...?
Romance Hideaway Romance Book Buyer's Guide by Book Goodies Network Romance Hideaway Romance Book Buyer's Guide by Oct. 02, 2015 5924 words Read a sample
Buyer's guide chock full of romance, from sweet to steamy. Come check out the books we have to recommend for you. Some are available in print, most Kindle and some at other places in other formats too.
Roping the Cowboy by Tori Kayson Roping the Cowboy by Oct. 01, 2015 63610 words Read a sample
Can an ambitious oil executive rope a wounded cowboy's heart?
Flesh by Sky Corgan Flesh by Sep. 30, 2015 10176 words Read a sample
Looking to explore the lifestyle for the first time? Want to experiment without having to commit to a Dominant? Then come to Flesh.
Talullah's Choice by M.J. Ferguson Talullah's Choice by Sep. 30, 2015 5556 words Read a sample
Talullah is at a crossroads in her life. If she follows her heart, she could lose her family. If she chooses her family, the love of her life could be lost to her forever. Will some old letters Talullah finds help her make the right choice?
Tails and Fixers by Charles Kaluza Tails and Fixers by Sep. 30, 2015 102592 words Read a sample
Tails and Fixers is a Sci-Fi novel that deals with survival on a far distant hostile world. In the end it is a love story with both sorrow and great hope.
Jake Pride - Confession  (Jake Pride Series Book 5) by Jay Zay Zay Jake Pride - Confession (Jake Pride Series Book 5) by Sep. 30, 2015 2917 words Read a sample
Irresistible Short Story - Final Episode in Jake Pride Erotic Series. Jake invites Jasmine over to his mother's house. She does not appreciate Jasmine's attendance at first, but soon changes her mind as Jake makes a heart-rending confession.
Triumph of Time by Kassandra Alvarado Triumph of Time by Sep. 29, 2015 4069 words Read a sample
There are those who walk in this world ...and those who walk in the worlds of the past and present.