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A Hippie Independence Day by J.D. Walker A Hippie Independence Day by July 28, 2016 1827 words Read a sample
Carl Neilson and Benjamin “Ben” Brooker are total opposites, but they’ve made it work for over a year. Carl has made great strides in letting his son Chester live his own life, though he’s still being stubborn about getting rid of the Hawaiian shirts. This Independence Day, Ben will stop at nothing to get Carl to open up to him, and maybe make some fireworks of their own, in the process.
BDSM Erotica by Candy Girl BDSM Erotica by July 28, 2016 57634 words Read a sample
What if there was a book you could read that would send beautiful, sexy young girls to your house whenever you wanted, would you read it?
Can You Mend It? An interrupted love story. Part 1: Reunion by Billy Wood-Smith Can You Mend It? An interrupted love story. Part 1: Reunion by July 28, 2016 179574 words Read a sample
This is about two people in their late twenties who thought they were done with each other. And then they’re not…
The Repair by Mr Big The Repair by July 27, 2016 4317 words Sample 20%
Michael tells the story of a broken hot water heater repair that turns into much, much more with eighteen year old Diane. Adults Only! Contains Explicit and Burning Hot Adult Sexual Material.
Weight and See by Erica Jean Smith Weight and See by July 27, 2016 49388 words Read a sample
Leny O’Malley has a stunning face made for modeling. She is creative and has sparkling wit. There is one problem. She is overweight and is in a new school where everyone looks like a diva. Unfortunately, she is the butt of all jokes and taunts. Brenden Harris, her rich and hot classmate tease her daily. But is it all a ploy for something else?
Alien Invasion: A Warrior Prince Romance (The Tourin Legacy - Part 1) by Immortal Angel Alien Invasion: A Warrior Prince Romance (The Tourin Legacy - Part 1) by July 27, 2016 15755 words Read a sample
When flying machines descend from the sky, my world is thrown into chaos. Who are these terrible metal monsters? Then they begin throwing red poison into the sky, and it's obvious we need a plan. Fast. A tall, purple-eyed swordsman saves me and says he’ll stop at nothing to protect me. But I feel the same about my people. Who will win this battle of wills? And will it be in time to save us all?
Living in the Pages by Mindy Haig Living in the Pages by July 26, 2016 16899 words Read a sample
Hendrix Massey had a dream. That dream led him to a magic journal. That journal kept him going when the world came crashing down around him. But can happily ever after truly be found in the pages?
Urban Mythic: Thirteen Novels of Adventure and Romance, featuring Norse and Greek Gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves in the Modern World by C. Gockel Urban Mythic: Thirteen Novels of Adventure and Romance, featuring Norse and Greek Gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves in the Modern World by July 26, 2016 1039940 words Read a sample
Want a little magic in your life? Ever wished faeries were real or for your own personal djinn? Then these THIRTEEN worlds of action, adventure, humor, and romance are for you. Join the freshest voices in urban fantasy and paranormal romance as they bring magic into your life in the form of gods, demons, djinn, faeries, werewolves, and more.
Missed Opportunities by Maddison Vigar Missed Opportunities by July 26, 2016 2908 words Sample 30%
A short story set in a train station where the main characters have missed the last train of the day
Gildas Haven by Margaret S. Haycraft Gildas Haven by July 26, 2016 77156 words Read a sample
In the peaceful English village of Meadthorpe, the church and chapel have existed in an uneasy peace. Now a young curate arrives at St Simeon's, bringing high church ritual and ways of worship. Gildas Haven, the daughter of the chapel minister is furious to discover the curate is enticing "her" children away. The ending of this sensitively told romance is likely to come as a surprise.
93% Chance I Don't Hate You [sampler] by L Taylor 93% Chance I Don't Hate You [sampler] by July 25, 2016 30039 words Read a sample
A hilarious romance about finding yourself, overcoming prejudices, and looking beyond first impressions.
My Dear, It Was You! by Mario V. Farina My Dear, It Was You! by July 24, 2016 824 words Read a sample
Mary suggested that she and Ted, her husband, not send Valentine cards to each other this year. She felt it would be more personal if she and Ted write something personal to the other in the form of poetry. Ted liked the idea. This story tells shows you the poem that each wrote. This is a love story with a nice ending.
Kathy Abbott by C. K. Jackson Kathy Abbott by July 23, 2016 3545 words Read a sample
Kathy Abbott’s story is the first event in a series of events that changes her life forever.
Sweet thy sweet. by MPoetB Sweet thy sweet. by July 23, 2016 67 words Read a sample
Victorian love poem.
Do Us Part by Liz Meldon Do Us Part by July 22, 2016 12930 words Read a sample
Where there are beginnings, so too are there endings. Once, for the great gods of the old world, the end lurked in a very, very distant future. Unfortunately, things change—and not always for the better. As humanity turns to a new god, the deities of old fall to war and chaos in an effort to survive. In the years before and the ones that follow the great Immortal Wars, two marriages disintegrate.
Can You Mend It? Part 1 - Reunion (Chapters 1 - 5) by Billy Wood-Smith Can You Mend It? Part 1 - Reunion (Chapters 1 - 5) by July 22, 2016 22208 words Read a sample
The first 5 chapters of this refrshingly realstic European romance. About two people in their late twenties who really thought they were done with each other. And then they're not... Full version of this book will be available again on August 1st.
My Other Half by A.L. Miles My Other Half by July 21, 2016 51010 words Read a sample
Snotty Celena does not care for her perfect mate because he does not know that he is a wolf. Her friend, Vic wants to make her his mate. Will Celena choose a life without her other half or will she give Decebal the chance he deserves?
'Til Death... Well Maybe by Lisa Wood 'Til Death... Well Maybe by July 21, 2016 1210 words Read a sample
When exactly is the right time to let go? A chilling tale of a love eternal. Flash Fiction By Lisa Wood WC:668 Includes a free preview chapter of the upcoming novella Burnt Offering
An Ideal Date by Mario V. Farina An Ideal Date by July 21, 2016 1090 words Read a sample
Tom and Wilma were hired at the same date at Apex. They got to know each during orientation classes and the formed a deep attraction for each other. Tom asked what Wilma would consider an ideal date. She told him and time offered to grant her a date of this kind. This is a love story that tells about the date and how it ended.
BDSM Erotica by Candy Girl BDSM Erotica by July 21, 2016 20695 words Read a sample
Candy Girl is proud to present 4 stories featuring the hottest girls in the industry experiencing BDSM Erotica love making like never before. These sexy ladies are up to no good! Including fan favorites like Sarah Kramer, Wendy Ingram & Ann Fox, this release is the perfect addition to any couple's collection of hot BDSM erotica.
The Alpha's Temptation by Sugar Jones The Alpha's Temptation by July 21, 2016 14720 words Read a sample
Wolf shifter, Gabriel, knows his lust for his pack’s alpha will bring him nothing but trouble. His alpha is as straight as they come and if he catches even a whiff of Gabe’s desire, Gabe will be kicked out of the pack. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Gabe to hide his desire and when his life is threatened, he finds both safety and a delicious dark pleasure in his alpha’s arms.
Network Romeo by Str4Christ Network Romeo by July 21, 2016 19441 words Read a sample
Yash,a heart-broken South-Indian boy with meets North-Indian girl.Will romance be possible with the network being the Major factor?
Substitute by Earnest Long Substitute by July 21, 2016 4955 words Read a sample
This is a book about a man who moves home, finds a new love and reminisces about an old love. However, when he tells his new love about his old love then the unexpected happens. And it was nothing he could have predicted.
Hidden (A BBW Romance) (Penniless Billionaire #1) by Bea Paydean Hidden (A BBW Romance) (Penniless Billionaire #1) by July 20, 2016 15257 words Read a sample
Five years ago, Kitty had it all; a good job, a fiancé, and a bright future. Now she's a woman on the run, spending her time on a remote island in the South Pacific. Kitty trusts no one, especially not the latest newcomer, Xavier. He’s a ‘bad’ man with too many dark secrets of his own and the smouldering attraction between them is a complication she can do without...
Vengeance & Love by the Sea by C. K. Quail Vengeance & Love by the Sea by July 20, 2016 10856 words Sample 15%
Helen is certain that the romantic break she's planned for Vee will go perfectly, but her hopes are quickly shattered by a flirty waitress and her own overenthusiastic wine consumption. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be good, though, right? A sweet, light-hearted tale about supervillains on their weekend off.
BIYU  THE  DANCING  DRAGON by jyotsna lal BIYU THE DANCING DRAGON by July 20, 2016 6790 words Read a sample
A  GIRL  CALLED  MOON by jyotsna lal A GIRL CALLED MOON by July 20, 2016 35082 words Sample 20%
romantic, suspense thiller
Last Chance: A Navy SEALs erotic romance (SEALs Crossfire Part 1) by Emma Rose Last Chance: A Navy SEALs erotic romance (SEALs Crossfire Part 1) by July 20, 2016 10006 words Read a sample
Chance McBride is a Navy SEAL forced to go undercover when a powerful terrorist group placed a large bounty on his head. Three years later, he's been living a quiet neighborhood in a typical American suburb with his head constantly over his shoulder. However, his past can't prevent him from falling for the gorgeous girl that's just moved in next door.
Protected Part 1: Big Blue Alien by Evangeline Anderson Protected Part 1: Big Blue Alien by July 19, 2016 30155 words Read a sample
Grav N’gol is many things. Murderer…ex-con…Alien half-breed… And a Protector. More than just a bodyguard, a Protector chooses a female to ward for life and swears an oath to die for her if necessary. Enter Leah Roth. The luscious little Earth female is supposed to be just a quick surveillance gig for Grav. He’ll check on her and report back that she’s okay—it should be easy. Only she’s not OK...
Reckless by MV Kasi Reckless by July 18, 2016 6680 words Read a sample
Mahi and Samrat had been knocking heads at every turn, getting caught in a fierce but unwanted attraction. Now they are in San Francisco for three weeks, where their no-strings-attached deal would begin. Will Mahi finally succeed in loosening up Mr.Control Freak? She always had a hunch that still waters ran deep, and Samrat was definitely hiding a bad boy behind his predictable persona.
Totally Starcross'd by S.D. Wasley Totally Starcross'd by July 18, 2016 24455 words Read a sample
For Romilly and Julian it’s never been truer that you can choose your friends but not your family. Will this story end in woe—or can there be a happily ever after for this modern-day Juliet and Romeo? From Amazon bestselling author S.D. Wasley comes Totally Starcross'd, a retelling of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy Romeo and Juliet.
Help Me Forget You by Mario V. Farina Help Me Forget You by July 18, 2016 1203 words Read a sample
This is a love story with a happy ending. Rosalie and Jim had decided to break up. But this was not what had been destined for this couple. God send Colleen, and angel, to set things right. I think you'll enjoy reading about how she did it.
Burn the World, a novel (Volume I) by Shannon Cooper Burn the World, a novel (Volume I) by July 18, 2016 72419 words Sample 20%
Fiona has it all: a thriving medical spa chain in Miami, great friends, and a hot tub on her rooftop deck. When not one, but two men of her dreams arrive in her life, she must choose between a volatile artist who gave up his entire life in New York City to be with her, and a gentle, intelligent, media writer with a mess of a family. The sex is HOT but is it enough?
Forced by the Greek by Julia Ban Forced by the Greek by July 18, 2016 3921 words Read a sample
Jinna couldn’t understand how just one week before her wedding, she was ordered by her monstrous boss, Demetrio Zarakis, to call it off. He gave her another option—go to jail for robbing his personal safe. Jinna thought there must be a misunderstanding because her merciless boss would never fake a robbery to stop her from marrying somebody else . . . or would he?
Jasmine Passion by Fancy Dewitt Jasmine Passion by July 18, 2016 77144 words Read a sample
Born of a clandestine love between a Chinese princess and a handsome American captain, Le' Sing was raised in a temple and trained in the art of love. Le' Sing leaves China intent on a mission to find her missing father, where one powerful man's promise of love catapults her into a dazzling world of eternal desire.
The Evil Twin? by P.G Van The Evil Twin? by July 17, 2016 7899 words Read a sample
Vinnie may have a titanium strong exterior but she melts in Reyan's arms. Follow Vinnie's and Reyan's love story as she learns the true meaning of love, trust and family.
The Penetration Test by Amalia Zane The Penetration Test by July 17, 2016 89664 words Read a sample
Hailey's friends forced her to swear off dating losers, especially the bad boys she loves so much. Tragic events in her past haunt her, affecting her everyday life more than she cares to admit. A sexy fling with a mysterious tattooed surfer, who has his own checkered history, turns her world upside-down. Can she escape from the clutches of her past and trust her heart?
Twenty Four Weeks - Episode guide (PG) by James David Denisson Twenty Four Weeks - Episode guide (PG) by July 17, 2016 374 words Read a sample
Twenty Four Weeks Episode Guide Still reeling from the shock of discovering his wife's infidelity, Judd Altman learns that he has lost his father and will be one himself. His soon to be ex-wife, Quinn, is pregnant with his child. After almost losing the baby Quinn is left alone and Judd begins to forgive her...
The One That Got Away (Part One Of The Hardcastle Saga) by S J Crabb The One That Got Away (Part One Of The Hardcastle Saga) by July 17, 2016 67832 words Read a sample
Bella Brown has everything. Good looks, good job and is engaged to her soul mate. Soon it all explodes around her when an old flame comes to Town. The trouble is what happens next starts off a chain of events that leads her into a world she only thought existed in the movies. Somebody has come to get her and life will never be the same again.
Spirit Wars by Mon D Rea Spirit Wars by July 17, 2016 51877 words Read a sample
When Nate Cuervo dies in a diving accident, he realizes he isn’t ready to leave everything behind, including his soul mate Samantha. He falls into an underworld prison where the only way out is through a reaper named Sephtimus Rex. As head reaper, Septhimus leads an army of Crows tasked with the cold deportation of overstaying spirits from the human realm.
Reina's Mate by Dawn Wilder Reina's Mate by July 16, 2016 20780 words Read a sample
REINA'S MATE (Werewolf Romance) Griffith left the pack heartbroken after Reina rejected him. But when Reina's sister is used as a bargaining chip in an alliance deal, she's forced to turn to Griffith for help. And even after all this time, Griffith finds out he's still vulnerable when it comes to Reina... ***Werewolf Romance, Novella (~20,000 words), Adult Content ***Adapted from Keller's Mate
BDSMs Sex Torture (BDSMEROTICA Romance Series, Submissive Female Book) by Candy Girl BDSMs Sex Torture (BDSMEROTICA Romance Series, Submissive Female Book) by July 16, 2016 19459 words Read a sample
4 Erotica: BDSM: Domination and submission books for the price of 1 plus! Get 5 Steamy Romance Books! Limited time offer RED HOT novels you just tell me where to send them! Are you a bad girl who wants to be CONTROLLED by a STRONG, POWERFUL, MAN? Then this is the BOOK for you! Four HOT YOUNG GUYS put sexy slaves in their places with lots of bondage, dominance, submission, spanking and more!
Nightshade by Jai Cox Nightshade by July 16, 2016 31401 words Sample 5%
Waking up in the hospital after being nearly beaten to death, she has no recollection of who she is or where she came from. Given the name Jane from the first doctor she meets, she starts down a path to finding herself. Along the way she discovers dark parts of her past, a love greater than anything in the world, and a shadow, only she can stop, threatening to demolish the world as she knows it.
Fate and Chaos by Jai Cox Fate and Chaos by July 16, 2016 92310 words Sample 10%
Life has changed for everyone in the Dullahan household as of late. Jay is pregnant with twins at forty-two, and is now married to Death. Bridget is finally coming out of her , and Chloe is dating Hate. Sam's ascension to Alpha of all Alphas isn't going according to plans, but it could be worse. Over all, life is going smoothly for them. That's until there's a new Chaos, who changes everything.
Matchmaker's Guide (Companion book to Meryton Matchmakers Series) by Kristi Rose Matchmaker's Guide (Companion book to Meryton Matchmakers Series) by July 15, 2016 12063 words Read a sample
Pastry chef Lottie Lucas wants more than friendship with her childhood playmate Bill Collins. Despite being a pastor and marital counselor, Bill has never given any serious thought to settling down--but that was before his family and colleagues starting pressuring him. Lottie sees an opportunity to finally move out of the friend zone and recruits her friend, Elizabeth Bennet, to assist.
30 Minutes by Ryin Kelsin 30 Minutes by July 15, 2016 2166 words Sample 20%
The last few moments of your life are the most important. Reliving that last thirty minutes. The last sights, sounds and thoughts and how important that final taste of love
愛 そして 不安     (ナディム    アサンジ) by Nothim Assange 愛 そして 不安 (ナディム アサンジ) by July 15, 2016 793 words Read a sample
人間関係についての小説 誰に 類の悲劇を感 誰に 人間の疎外感 誰に 人間の偉大さを感.....
52 Sinful Sensations by James Devin Spears 52 Sinful Sensations by July 15, 2016 4979 words Sample 25%
52 Sinful Sensations was a playful attempt on my part to share some semi-erotic yet honest experiences of my youth. Those memories are so alive and with me to this day. Each one of these 52 short paragraphs are true and heartfelt. It is me, who I am, what I've become as a result of those experiences. Read them. Find the ONE that resonates within you. There is surely one there...
Friends United by scarlett brodie Friends United by July 15, 2016 25027 words Read a sample
A lighthearted look at the lives of a group of university students in the 1980s.
Into The Night - Part 3 by Mae Nunnally Into The Night - Part 3 by July 14, 2016 6982 words Read a sample
Man saves woman from attackers. There is a pull that keeps him wanting to be with her, but what he is, is what keeps him at bay.