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For Services Rendered by Francis W. Porretto For Services Rendered by Feb. 13, 2016 3326 words Read a sample
Few persons who’ve never visited these United States have a sense of how unpredictable Americans can be. Amelie, a cynical young French jewelry saleswoman on her first trip to America, was warned about our eccentricity, but decided to reserve judgment until she experienced it at close range. The lesson is well beyond what she expected.
Torn Apart by Khaleel Jooste Torn Apart by Feb. 13, 2016 3686 words Read a sample
Bismillah “Why didn’t you help me? Don’t know why I came here. I would have gotten more sympathy from a rock. You have no emotion whatsoever. I’ve never encountered such a cold person. I thought you were my friend.” As Allah wills
Cougar Hunter 2 by David Manoa Cougar Hunter 2 by Feb. 12, 2016 15903 words Read a sample
A gorgeous woman steps into my club. I want her. Need her. But this woman is resistant to all my charms and my many advances. Her name is Nyla Mayne and the hunt begins. I’m not letting her get away, from the passion and deep attraction, I have for her. My name is Phoenix Hunter and this is our story. Content suitable for Mature audiences. An Erotic Romance.
Fashion Victim: Romantic Suspense by Suz deMello Fashion Victim: Romantic Suspense by Feb. 12, 2016 84204 words Read a sample
Can a fashion designer find love with a corporate raider? Fast-paced and hot hot hot! Publisher's Weekly called Fashion Victim "delightful romantic suspense."
Caribbean Romance Teaser 1 by Caribbean Books Foundation Caribbean Romance Teaser 1 by Feb. 12, 2016 49484 words Read a sample
Two wonderful authors gave us the opportunity to give you an excerpt of their work. Please read their labor of love and consider purchasing the full version of the books to see how the remarkable romances end. Download now to read Jewel Amethyst’s Hurricane of the Heart and J.L. Campbell’s Grudge.
Combustible Part 1 by Karen Hobbes Combustible Part 1 by Feb. 12, 2016 5654 words Read a sample
From their first blind date, Drew and Charlotte cannot seem to get on the same page. Even though they both seem wildly attracted to each other, the first date comes to an abrupt end before they even order dinner. Will they ever get themselves coordinated enough?
Chocolate Thunder by David Manoa Chocolate Thunder by Feb. 11, 2016 26502 words Read a sample
The thick smoke infused the stage, obscuring the screaming crowd around us. The woman sitting on the chair, looked up as I held my Navy hat to the side after my salute to her. My jacket open, gloves on. My chest and abdominal muscles tense. They glisten. This is a night for her to remember... My stage name is Chocolate Thunder and this is my story. Contains content suitable for mature audiences
Hymnal I by Vanessa Gravenstein Hymnal I by Feb. 11, 2016 14816 words Read a sample
When magi encroaching upon the vampire stronghold of Thunder Bay, Luca cel Rau must protect the young vampires who rely on his ancient strength. But when he finds a bruised but defiant human woman outside their lair, it is more than duty driving him to protect her — and she might very well be a liability and distraction he can’t afford. Book one. Themes of domestic violence and self-harm.
Valentine Delights by RJ Scott Valentine Delights by Feb. 11, 2016 47248 words Read a sample
A collection of short stories specially for Valentine's Day.
Guilt:Gift of Winter Spring by Hiranya Borah Guilt:Gift of Winter Spring by Feb. 11, 2016 50283 words Read a sample
A Fictional Story of true love between Aroon Baruah and his two wives, Dorothy and Ramala; a vivid description how Aroon was seduced by Jetuki, Ramala’s own mother; Family bond of Baruah Family and finally emotional sufferings of the protagonist
Vivienne - Part 2 (The Lost and Found) by S. M. Bowles Vivienne - Part 2 (The Lost and Found) by Feb. 11, 2016 53832 words Read a sample
Vivienne is an epic two-part historical fiction/romance novel with a bit of a supernatural twist. Part one takes place in the late 1800's France and part two in the early 1900's America. It is the story of a first love that spans three lifetimes of heartache and tragedy before finally coming to it's fateful conclusion.
Where Love Begins by donna crow Where Love Begins by Feb. 10, 2016 71654 words Read a sample
Catherine Perronet’s world is shaken when she learns Charles Wesley is engaged to another. And that’s not all that’s wrong: her brother is beaten while preaching in the open air, her favorite pupil forced to leave school because of his family’s poverty, and a prisoner receives his death sentence. The hardships of a circuit ride and the terrors of the London earthquake teach her where love begins.
2 Shorts, a Novella and a Haiku Walk Into a Bar by Mia Soto 2 Shorts, a Novella and a Haiku Walk Into a Bar by Feb. 10, 2016 28789 words Read a sample
These are three stories and a poem. Two of the stories are short stories. One is a novella. It is intended for older teenagers/young adults. It does contain some material and language that is not suitable for younger readers. Love stories that are meant to touch the hearts of everyone regardless of age, because that's how love works.
Sofie Waits by Amanda Hamm Sofie Waits by Feb. 10, 2016 50247 words Read a sample
Second in the Coffee and Donuts series, Sofie Waits is a sweet romance with characters who don't just share longing looks. They actually enjoy each other's company.
Just Imagine... by Edua Erasmus Just Imagine... by Feb. 10, 2016 4463 words Read a sample
When we grow up we forget our imaginary friends, but they don't forget us. Shaun used to be James's imaginary friend and is desperately trying to be seen again.
Timeless Kisses by Monica Burns Timeless Kisses by Feb. 09, 2016 17359 words Read a sample
Make your skin tingle and your heart race with this short sampler of sweet, steamy, and tantalizing kiss scenes by ten bestselling authors. Excerpts by Sabrina York; Julie Johnstone; Bronwen Evans; Tammy Andresen; Monica Burns; Gina Conkle; Shana Galen; Vanessa Kelly; Amanda Mariel; and Meara Platt Susana and the Scot, Sabrina York
The Billionaire's Dark Desires - Book 1 by Laila Cole The Billionaire's Dark Desires - Book 1 by Feb. 09, 2016 25034 words Read a sample
“I’ve been seeing someone else.” Yes, those were the words Jeff Ames used when he dumped me. They were tired and cliché and they came out of his mouth as smooth as silk. And then I met Jordan Wright, the west coast’s most successful hedge fund trader and billionaire. There was a deep and painful darkness in Jordan, and soon after we met he helped me realize that same darkness was in me.
Broken: Assumption Series Book One by Izzibella Beau Broken: Assumption Series Book One by Feb. 09, 2016 128479 words Read a sample
Broken is how both of them feel. Can they help each other fix the damaged pieces of their lives or will unforeseen circumstances keep their lives forever shattered?
Whirl by Katrina Liss Whirl by Feb. 09, 2016 46435 words Read a sample
When Alex meets Alex their two worlds collide. US Marine Alex is intense, focused and passionate about everything he does. But he's already in a relationship. UK Event Organiser Alex isn't up for another disappointing love affair, She's just come out of one. She wants fun and no commitment on her vacation. But they can't resist the attraction. From the very start, a whirl of passion...
Valentine's Day (Starling Falls Snippet #1) by Aidan Willows Valentine's Day (Starling Falls Snippet #1) by Feb. 09, 2016 4027 words Read a sample
*** In order to fully understand and enjoy this short story, Falling Completely by Aidan Willows should be read first *** The short story of Caleb and Liya's first Valentine's Day together. Authors Note: 18+ For mature readers only. Book contains graphic language and scenes of a very sexual nature.
Daddy's Playmate Part 1 by Emma Valentines Daddy's Playmate Part 1 by Feb. 09, 2016 12442 words Read a sample
It was tempting to see his rock hard abs and fine muscle on his body in the shower despite his temporary useless arms... But that was the tricky part, wasn't it? Irritated at the errand of taking care of the broken arms stepdaddy, Victoria found herself thinking about him, loving him and wanting him more and more. Until when will she stop?
Destiny Decides.. by P.G Van Destiny Decides.. by Feb. 08, 2016 13253 words Read a sample
Destiny Decides.. A tale of two hearts in search of true love. The Pure Destiny Series - Book 1 Sample ONLY.
For the Love Of Comets by Clive Gilson For the Love Of Comets by Feb. 08, 2016 3598 words Read a sample
A short tale of familiarity and family and love and frustration and all that goes into a couple growing old together... a love story... of a sort...
Cherry Kisses (Fenix and Jared's First Valentine's Day) by Teodora Kostova Cherry Kisses (Fenix and Jared's First Valentine's Day) by Feb. 08, 2016 4591 words Read a sample
Jared and Fenix have been blissfully happy together for six months. On their first Valentine’s Day as a couple, they decide to surprise each other with carefully thought out plans that take both men out of their comfort zones. Only, they have no idea they’ve both planned something for the other. A day full of surprises can be very exciting, or turn out to be a complete disaster...
Valentine's Day: A Short Story by Torrance Sené Valentine's Day: A Short Story by Feb. 08, 2016 3169 words Read a sample
Angie reunites with her ex-boyfriend for a romantic holiday they'll never forget. A sweet and sexy 3,000-word story!
One Night In Heated Snapshots- Special Edition - Bonus Materials Included by Ashley C. Harris One Night In Heated Snapshots- Special Edition - Bonus Materials Included by Feb. 08, 2016 43042 words Read a sample
On the eve of Beth's college graduation, she is given the opportunity of a lifetime; an overnight, all expenses paid photography trip that will take her from New Jersey to the hot sands of Miami Beach. This adventure could land her the top magazine job she's been dreaming about … that is if the most adorably handsome but most annoying guy on the planet doesn't get in the way.
Short Eroticas by Amoi Kin Short Eroticas by Feb. 07, 2016 9712 words Read a sample
If you're looking for short, hot steamy romance, look no further. Includes the following stories: First Loving In Hot Water In Lust with the Boss Discover of True Feelings The Last Time Do NOT download if your are not mature enough to read sex scenes.
Riverbend by Ciara Knight Riverbend by Feb. 07, 2016 19251 words Read a sample
From the USA Today bestselling author of Sweetwater County, a new series is born. Riverbend, a prequel novella about a second chance at love, will introduce you to an entirely new town of characters, with cameo appearances from the Sweetwater County folks you've grown to love. 'Where dreams begin. Just around the Riverbend'.
Macaria Hades Episode 4 by Zalii S. Kitt Macaria Hades Episode 4 by Feb. 07, 2016 2989 words Sample 100%
Macaria Hades Episode 4: Adam Bellaro. Everything isn't always what it seems.
Tanya by Crystal Dawn Tanya by Feb. 07, 2016 10312 words Read a sample
Tanya was forced to flee when she overheard a conversation between her boss and a corrupt senator. She's not sure what scares her more, the criminals or the warden sent to bring her back to testify. Either way she plans to run until they catch her. Will it be the crooks or the Devil the law has chasing her that gets her first?
Valentine Witch by Shay Roberts Valentine Witch by Feb. 06, 2016 10385 words Read a sample
Isabelle is half-Fae. Valentine’s Day is a stressful time for her because it usually ends in disaster. Desperate, Izzy turns to Millicent, a dangerous love-witch living on a mysterious island with a historic past. Millicent offers Izzy a devil’s bargain in exchange for happiness. But when the deal goes awry, Isabelle experiences a Valentine’s Day unlike any other.
Last Dance of the Roses by CS Patra Last Dance of the Roses by Feb. 06, 2016 34865 words Sample 3%
When tragedy strikes, a dancer comes to a sad and sudden conclusion that shocks everyone including her boyfriend; her next dance is also her last.
Love on the Rocks (with Salt) by Charlene Ross Love on the Rocks (with Salt) by Feb. 06, 2016 19952 words Read a sample
Always the bridesmaid but never the bride… Laney Delaney, a wedding dress designer, thought her fling with Andy in Cancun was more than that—until he admitted he had a fiancée. Brokenhearted, Laney returns to LA and deals with the demands of temperamental brides and their mothers while trying to forget Andy. She meets Kyle, a young lawyer, who has just what it takes to heal her wounded heart.
Beyond Religion by Ranin Qarada Beyond Religion by Feb. 06, 2016 1431 words Sample 35%
Based on a true story, "Beyond Religion" is a thrilling forbidden love story between Lyn and Haith- lovers from different religious backgrounds. Read their story to know how it ended.
Take A Risk by Scarlett Finn Take A Risk by Feb. 06, 2016 94837 words Read a sample
Colt Warner’s better judgement tells him that he should reject the job offered to him by the inquisitive doctor because he can tell that this sassy sexpot is going to be trouble. Being attracted to a client goes against his usual ethics, but playing by the rules has never been his strong suit.
Vapour by David Manoa Vapour by Feb. 06, 2016 18258 words Read a sample
Maj. Chase "Tomcat" Tupou is an experienced flight instructor at Bagram Airbase in Afganistan. He begins to develop feelings for the new addition to their squadron, Capt. Annabelle "Angel" Amber. But Annabelle is a headstrong, independent woman, who holds back from Chase's advances.
Power: Special Tactical Units Division Book 1 by Sandra Marton Power: Special Tactical Units Division Book 1 by Feb. 04, 2016 64420 words Read a sample
Tanner Akecheta, whose last name means “warrior” in Sioux, is part of a highly skilled military group, the Special Tactical Units Division, otherwise known as S.T.U.D. Tanner’s mission: he’s going to be dropped into the jungle in a small, war-torn Central American country, find kidnapped Alessandra Bellini Wilde and return her to the States and her father, four-star General John Hamilton Wilde.
Release Me by Evelyn Ellis Release Me by Feb. 04, 2016 9069 words Read a sample
When the dead don’t pass over, there are disturbingly erotic encounters with the living as Violet Rayburn discovers when her best friend’s boyfriend is killed. Alive, Ricky Dillinger didn’t seem to notice her, except on the race track. Dead, the biker won’t leave her alone. Release Me is a short erotic paranormal love story set in 1955. It is part of Evelyn Ellis's First Time Forbidden Series.
A Billionaire Romance: A Hard Bargain (BOOK 1) by Jennifer King A Billionaire Romance: A Hard Bargain (BOOK 1) by Feb. 04, 2016 8277 words Read a sample
Steamy workplace where wealthy billionaire and Woman CEO play Romance Power-Game!
Love Click - First Part by Nicolas Page Love Click - First Part by Feb. 04, 2016 4161 words Read a sample
Love Click is neither a book for comparing different dating services by price nor for providing tips and tricks such as uploading your best photo and introduction lines. Instead, the book introduces the hilarious, sad or unusual adventures of 13 ladies following their first date with a Prince Charming; a slice of life of 13 different characters from Bangkok to Florida, from Switzerland to Budapest
Tempted by a Marine by Kerry Connor Tempted by a Marine by Feb. 04, 2016 16778 words Read a sample
Mike Keller owed a debt of honor to the fellow Marine who’d given his life for his. That meant the man’s sister, Erin Wyatt, was strictly off-limits. But the one woman he was duty-bound to stay away from was the biggest temptation he’d ever faced—and some temptations are impossible to resist….
Vivienne - Part 1 (Le Perdu et Retrouve) by S. M. Bowles Vivienne - Part 1 (Le Perdu et Retrouve) by Feb. 03, 2016 50077 words Read a sample
Vivienne is an epic two-part historical fiction/romance novel with a bit of a supernatural twist. Part one takes place in the late 1800's France and part two in the early 1900's America. It is the story of a first love that spans three lifetimes of heartache and tragedy before finally coming to it's fateful conclusion.
Simpatico by Dermot Davis Simpatico by Feb. 03, 2016 71500 words Read a sample
Multi award-winning author Dermot Davis writes a contemporary love story where relentless tension builds to a riveting crescendo. A thrilling and realistic tale of passion and suspense, anyone who has ever been in love will empathize with Andrew and Fiona as, against all odds, they do everything in their power to never be torn apart.
The Cowboy In My Bed by Tyla Tarentino The Cowboy In My Bed by Feb. 03, 2016 3425 words Read a sample
**Warning - Contains graphic, sexual situations that aren't appropriate for younger audiences. When Emily McCain inherits her aunt and uncle's cattle ranch, she travels to the heart of Texas to decide whether to carry on the family business or sell for a profit. Upon arriving she meets Luke, the incredibly sexy farmhand who seems ready and willing to sweep her off her feet.
Arcadamius Reconquest - Sequence of Actuna of Toris by Edward Warrior, Sr Arcadamius Reconquest - Sequence of Actuna of Toris by Feb. 03, 2016 50939 words Sample 50%
Action, romance and adventure blend in this book of fiction in the wake of the recently released Actuna of Toris where 99% of humanity were abducted leaving only a small proportion of survivors, the Invisible. Chris Raines realize that Riley O'Connor is not on board any of the bells and despairs. Anne Thompson will remain at her side fulfilling the promise.
The Departed by Julie Roberts Towe The Departed by Feb. 03, 2016 8003 words Sample 20%
It is Christmas Eve night. Orin has just left his sister’s Christmas party. He is ready to go home where he can resume mourning the death of his wife which occurred nine months prior. He isn’t thinking about the possibility of encountering a strange woman who will enter the train in a mad dash to save her own life.
the Twins by Mohamed Zaki the Twins by Feb. 03, 2016 2687 words Sample 20%
The love is great, but how to find it. When we find it, we should not lose it. Khalid marries by traditional way, but after that he discovers, he loves her twin sister, she also, loves him. What he will do?.
MILF: The Naughty MILF Librarian by Emma Valentines MILF: The Naughty MILF Librarian by Feb. 03, 2016 2953 words Read a sample
It was an extraordinary day for an ordinary librarian, a very sexy and mature mother, when a stranger walked in to find one book. He was stern and determined to get the most out of her assistance. "Shhh... Remember we are in the library. Now do what I say." That was the last thing she could consciously remember about him. The rest was her instinct that lead to an unforgettable day.
La comtesse by Helrond La comtesse by Feb. 03, 2016 2548 words Read a sample
Déconcertée,Eva le dévisagea un instant. — A quoi vous jouez du con? demanda t-elle sans élever la voix. Un sourire hautain s'afficha sur les lèvres de Wallace. Un langage si vulgaire pour une femme nota t-il,ça n'augurait rien de bon. Il toussa légèrement avant de répondre. — Vous ne pensez qu'en même pas vous en tirer ainsi?
All That You Ignore by Jason Wallace Poetry All That You Ignore by Feb. 02, 2016 2415 words Read a sample
I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to ever Have something more than just this pain I’m ready to be forgotten And to know that I don’t have to remain In this, all of this, all of it, all that I can No longer know how to endure I don’t grow stronger. I just look in me for a cure To this sickness, this sentence, this emblem Of everything so impure I’m everything impure and I’m all that you ignore