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Crystal Grader by Tag Cavello Crystal Grader by Nov. 28, 2015 88439 words Read a sample
A young girl falls in love with an older man--a writer of romance novels that are near impossible to put down. But her love has an edge of which she is unaware, dangerous and deadly. When at last she learns of its existence it may be too late to save the heart impaled by its greed.
Transformation in Coral by Jillian Jones Transformation in Coral by Nov. 27, 2015 5297 words Read a sample
Sarah Wright, a 39-year-old Australian woman on the verge of a marriage break-up, finds herself in a parallel universe in which she connects with the members of her favourite Norwegian band. It's a twenty-four hour experience that changes the course of her life.
Grief Is A Hungry Business by Di Jones Grief Is A Hungry Business by Nov. 27, 2015 12835 words Read a sample
This collection of five short stories explore the themes of love and loss. Included in the book are sample chapters from novels Transplanting Holly Oakwood, and Meeting Miss Mollie.
Harddrive Holidays by MariaLisa deMora Harddrive Holidays by Nov. 27, 2015 10538 words Read a sample
Landon Shoemaker was an old school kind of biker. Known as Harddrive, he was rough and tough, willing to go the extra mile for family and friends. When he met Erin, he found not only his old lady, but more, she was his match in all ways. Events conspired against them, and even after decades, Harddrive still misses what they had together. Experience his Christmas Eve trip down memory lane.
Party of Three;  A first time menage story by Valentina James Party of Three; A first time menage story by Nov. 26, 2015 5984 words Read a sample
Young, nubile JoEllen has cme far from her hicktown roots and broadened her experience considerably since hooking up with the luscious Wills. But when Wills introduces her to his best friend at a country barbeque, she realizes there are pleasures in store that she never dreamed of. A first time menage MFM short story, 6,000 words.
Teenage Kicks a Lover's Playlist by Olga Ordina Teenage Kicks a Lover's Playlist by Nov. 26, 2015 46912 words Read a sample
NaNoWriMo 2015 Project: Encouraged by a best friend Inspired by a mysterious stranger Driven by the force of the heart Poetically inspired through fantasy and imagination ignited by powerful sources of the mind
The Fishmonger's Daughter by F. Poj The Fishmonger's Daughter by Nov. 26, 2015 1073 words Read a sample
Short Story. A fishy romantic comedy set in 15th Century Florence. Love between a young fisherman and the fishmonger's daughter has but one obstacle, Guidobaldo, the butcher's son.
Wicked King Dick by Malachi Stone Wicked King Dick by Nov. 26, 2015 94658 words Read a sample
A sexual and emotional life odyssey that spans forty years in the life of Johnny Wolfe, a small town boy from the Midwest. Johnny gets caught up in campus unrest to impress his activist girlfriend. She hates Richard Nixon--"Wicked King Dick"--with a passion nearly as hot as the passion she shares in bed with Johnny.
The Wolf's Call. Two-Natured London 1. by Susanna Shore The Wolf's Call. Two-Natured London 1. by Nov. 26, 2015 55407 words Read a sample
Charlotte Thornton is unprepared for a man like Raphael Green, a wolf-shifter, who causes in her both lust and aggravation. A strong man is exactly what she needs, but he won't date humans to her grief. Rafe is drawn to her with a maddening lust difficult resist, but he will try - until her life is threatened. And then they learn she might not be a human after all and everything changes.
Private Showings by Malachi Stone Private Showings by Nov. 26, 2015 95018 words Sample 100%
Danger lurks around every dark corner for Kyrie Wilde, a young woman realtor. Kyrie secretly meets her lover for passionate "private showings" in those spooky Victorian houses she pretends to be selling him. But when women realtors start turning up murdered in those same homes...
Dominate Me, Sir - Part 1 by Lillian July Dominate Me, Sir - Part 1 by Nov. 25, 2015 13042 words Read a sample
This is the first part in an romantic, beautiful twelve-part series. From bestselling romance author Lillian July comes the first part in a beautifully sexual, romantically-charged novel with intense scenes of domination, submission, bondage, and discipline. Dominate Me, Sir makes no excuses for what it is... scene after explicit scene of a powerful dominant and his submissive.
Love Awakened by Shelli Rosewarne Love Awakened by Nov. 25, 2015 15846 words Read a sample
When necromancer Garret saves a witch from a spell gone wrong the attraction between them is instant and undeniable. Garret doesn't do long-term, but Emma somehow manages to get under his skin. Can he manage to keep her safe, while not losing his heart in the process? This is a prequel to Love Reawakened. While it can be read as a standalone it doesn't have a HEA.
Julia Jones - The Teenage Years: Book 1- Falling Apart - A book for teenage girls by Katrina Kahler Julia Jones - The Teenage Years: Book 1- Falling Apart - A book for teenage girls by Nov. 25, 2015 21436 words Read a sample
"I stared in horror at what confronted me. The likeness was uncanny. It had the same long, brown hair and hazel eyes as my own, but the ghoulish grin was hideous. Numb with shock, I stood there, my mind reeling with confusion and panic. It took every last reserve of self-control, to contain the frightened screams that I felt bubbling inside. My mouth agape, I could not take my eyes from the ugly f
Sex Scandal Sequel to Final Good Knight Kiss: Governor's Daughter Christmas Kidnapping Book 1 by Michelangelo Free Lance Sex Scandal Sequel to Final Good Knight Kiss: Governor's Daughter Christmas Kidnapping Book 1 by Nov. 25, 2015 3562 words Read a sample
This is the exciting sequel to the ebook series of short stories “Good Knight Kiss” by Michelangelo Free Lance. In this thrilling story the daughter of governor Anthony Frank is caught with her panties down in a sex scandal. She is kidnapped by an organized crime rink and held for ransom.
Dragons and Mistletoe by April Kelley Dragons and Mistletoe by Nov. 24, 2015 4781 words Read a sample
On a shopping trip to the mall with his brother-in-law, Lucas makes a bet he’s not one hundred percent sure he can win. Christmas was Lucas’ favorite holiday and this year would be the best ever. Gone was his boring, less than stellar life. Now he had his dragon shifter mate and a family that actually liked to spend time with him. What more could he ask for?
The Potion by Vicki Ballante The Potion by Nov. 24, 2015 6089 words Read a sample
An erotic romance short story. After Iris swallows a potion from a fairy that visits her in her garden, she's promised that if she finds love before the end of spring, that love will remain hers forever. Volunteer firefighter, Dusty, comes to rescue her cat out the tree and they can't resist each other, but Dusty goes. What can she do to get him back in her arms? She has to come up with a plan.
Roommate Menage: Sinful Desires by Maria Lucy Roommate Menage: Sinful Desires by Nov. 23, 2015 9377 words Read a sample
Sparks fly when Sherry runs to Jon for emotional support and advice. Will they resist their carnal pleasures for each other? Can Danielle trust Jon well enough to leave him alone with her longtime friend and roommate, Sherry? If Jon screws up, where will he go to live if his girlfriend kicks him out for his indiscretions? And, will someone get hurt in the end?
Help Me Make It Through the Night by Kathy Golden Help Me Make It Through the Night by Nov. 23, 2015 5962 words Read a sample
On Christmas Eve, two strangers, fit only for one another's company, meet in a bar. A chance meeting? Maybe not. But one thing's for certain. They both need someone to help them make it through the night.
Tryst by W M James Tryst by Nov. 23, 2015 5429 words Sample 25%
"His hands move to her hair, lifting and stroking it gently. She loves that he appreciates its lustrous bounce. But she loves it all the more when he carefully moves her hair to one side so that he can lean closer and kiss the back of her neck. A delicious thrill travels through her body at the tender touch of his lips. She has waited for this for so long." An illicit encounter like no other...
Party of Four by W M James Party of Four by Nov. 23, 2015 7210 words Read a sample
Mari has always harboured a secret fantasy, but an unexpected party invitation gives her the chance to make it real. Will she resist the temptation? And, if she gives in to temptation, will the reality live up to the fantasy?
Serving My Professor (Lesbian Erotica): How I Pleasured my Gorgeous Professor in a Five-star Restaurant. Part 2 in the Series ‘A Passion for Shakespeare (Lesbian Erotica)’ by Paris Rivera Serving My Professor (Lesbian Erotica): How I Pleasured my Gorgeous Professor in a Five-star Restaurant. Part 2 in the Series ‘A Passion for Shakespeare (Lesbian Erotica)’ by Nov. 23, 2015 6172 words Read a sample
A tablecloth can cover more than the table… In a five-star restaurant, Sally (20) finds herself deliciously concealed and staring at the shapely legs of her beautiful Professor (36). It’s the start of an incredibly erotic encounter, interrupted only by a sultry and flirtatious waitress who seems to have her own designs on the smiling professor…
In Wilde Country: Two Hot Novellas: Wilde By Choice and On The Wilde Side by Sandra Marton In Wilde Country: Two Hot Novellas: Wilde By Choice and On The Wilde Side by Nov. 23, 2015 51870 words Read a sample
WILDE BY CHOICE Former Special Ops warrior Kazimir Savitch agrees to one last mission: to deliver Ekaterina Rostov to the man she is to marry. It sounds easy--but the marriage isn't Katie's idea. And after she spends a memorable night in Kaz's arms, Kaz vows that she will never belong to any man except him.
Don't Knock on that Door! by Drac Von Stoller Don't Knock on that Door! by Nov. 23, 2015 625 words Read a sample
It was a day like any other day until curious teens knocked on the door of Bartholomew Manor. It was given the nickname “Dead Manor,” because of the hell that went on behind closed doors. No one suspected anything was going on at the manor until too many people came up missing.
In Safe Company by Lee Christine In Safe Company by Nov. 22, 2015 2760 words Read a sample
The bikie turf war has returned to Sydney, and the lawyers for the Southern Cross, Poole Greenwood, are at risk of a retaliatory strike from the Altar Boys. In Safe Company is a short story featuring secondary characters, Dickson Cross and Natalie Slater, from romantic suspense series In Safe Hands, In Safe Arms and In Safe Keeping published by Escape Publishing
Shipmate: A Royal Regard Prequel Novella by Mariana Gabrielle Shipmate: A Royal Regard Prequel Novella by Nov. 22, 2015 40771 words Read a sample
For shy Bella Smithson, landing a husband seems laughable, so when shipping magnate Myron Clewes offers to buy her from her unfeeling family and take her to sea, she is obligated to accept his suit—and a long list of demands she might never be able to meet.
Mail Order Bride: The Irish Runaway by Catherine Harper Mail Order Bride: The Irish Runaway by Nov. 22, 2015 23369 words Read a sample
Thinking that she'd put her runaway days behind her, Shannon Barry finds herself on the run again. Heading to San Francisco and traveling under another woman's name, she wonders if she's made the biggest mistake of her life. Thinking that playing the part of a mail order bride would be the answer to her prayers, Shannon finds out too late that she's heading toward a man who doesn't even want her.
Santa Baby, I Want A Bad Boy For Christmas by Justine Elvira Santa Baby, I Want A Bad Boy For Christmas by Nov. 22, 2015 16171 words Read a sample
Morgan is having a miserable week. She broke up with her boyfriend, can't afford to go home to spend the holidays with her family, and has to work every day leading up to Christmas. When Morgan is forced to tell a mall Santa what she wants for Christmas, she doesn't hold back. She wants a bad boy for Christmas. Will Santa send Morgan her perfect bad boy? *Recommended for mature readers 18+.
Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife by Bree Wolf Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife by Nov. 22, 2015 98290 words Read a sample
One night, they found themselves under some mistletoe. Now, he owes her a kiss. And she is determined to claim it.
Delecto - Games of Mastery (part 1) by Katrina Liss Delecto - Games of Mastery (part 1) by Nov. 21, 2015 46578 words Read a sample
Amanda has no future. Weighed down by guilt, she has denied herself all pleasure as she feels she has no right. To anything. After all her sister has suffered... Sebastian's character and future is very much shaped by his past experience. The two meet and explosively. But they can never hope to heal their wounds... nor do they feel deserving. Secrets like theirs will haunt them forever. Or......
Dream Oracle Series: The Shark by Seraph Dream Oracle Series: The Shark by Nov. 21, 2015 51026 words Read a sample
Jacqueline is a 25 year old woman from a powerful family in the Hamptons. She has been having recurring nightmares. The Dream Oracle reveals the crippling secrets of the nightmares. Jacqueline must get support from her mother, strength from her romance, and help from her best friend Tina. There are dangerous secrets, murder, and time is running out as she battles the Siren’s call to suicide.
Lesbian Massage Compilation (Lesbian Erotica)  4 Super-hot Stories of Lesbian Passion at the Hands – and Lips – of a Sexy Masseuse by Paris Rivera Lesbian Massage Compilation (Lesbian Erotica) 4 Super-hot Stories of Lesbian Passion at the Hands – and Lips – of a Sexy Masseuse by Nov. 21, 2015 26262 words Read a sample
When strong and curious hands give way to soft lips, the erotic charge of these all-female massages will truly set your pulse racing... Customer review: "Five stars - download and enjoy"
Caffe Latte (Love Like Coffee #1) by Dee Aditya Caffe Latte (Love Like Coffee #1) by Nov. 21, 2015 26099 words Read a sample
Ben has been crushing on Francisco ever since the gorgeous man transferred into his university, but he's convinced himself that the Spanish Adonis wouldn't be interested him at all. When they run into each other at the cafe Ben works at, it turns out that maybe Francisco is interested in him. But it seems Francisco's still in the closet...
The Slave Trap (Darkon Warriors Book 7.5) by S E Gilchrist The Slave Trap (Darkon Warriors Book 7.5) by Nov. 21, 2015 13678 words Read a sample
Jenny Mueller doesn’t do commitment. Her goal is the capture of a renegade slave trader responsible for her brother's disappearance. Teamed with two of the sexiest and most determined Darkon warriors she’s ever met, it's more than her life that’s at stake – it’s her heart.
A Taste of Traditional Regency Romances by Camille Elliot, Gail Eastwood, April Kihlstrom, Vanessa Riley, & Regina Scott A Taste of Traditional Regency Romances by ,
& Nov. 20, 2015
78400 words Read a sample
From some of the most beloved authors of Regency romance come stories to delight. These excerpts, set in the time of Jane Austen, will give you a sip of sweet romance and will leave you eager for more. Join Bluestocking League members Gail Eastwood, Camille Elliot, April Kihlstrom, Vanessa Riley, and Regina Scott in celebrating the wonders of traditional Regency romance.
A Serengeti Christmas by Vivi Andrews A Serengeti Christmas by Nov. 20, 2015 3662 words Read a sample
This Christmas Eve he may not be able to tame her, but when she’s in heat he’s the only one she wants. A sexy shape-shifter holiday short in the world of the Serengeti Shifters & Lone Pine Pride series by paranormal author Vivi Andrews.
Fred and Ginger by Isobel Starling Fred and Ginger by Nov. 20, 2015 11656 words Read a sample
Patisserie Chef Christopher Miller is looking forward to Christmas alone, then his boss calls him with a last minute order—the order of his dreams. Just as he is about to make the delivery Chris’s world turned upside down by an explosive,fateful meeting with Fred, a chocolate Labrador. The dog’s owner turns out to be Robin Summers, a 1 night stand from months before, a man Chris could not forget.
Attraction  (Love & War, Part I) by Katrina Liss Attraction (Love & War, Part I) by Nov. 19, 2015 31988 words Read a sample
Nikki is concentrating on her career, or so she thinks... After a long and unsatisfactory romance, maybe she needs some lighthearted fun and games. Uncommitted sex and nothing more. Until Adrian and Ashton arrive in her life. All too soon, her head is turned, and she doesn't know what she wants anymore... Ashton, a dyed in the wool rich bad boy, a player who seems to have set his sights on ..
Secret Longings of a Highlander by S.R. Roddy Secret Longings of a Highlander by Nov. 19, 2015 10227 words Read a sample
Ada, a strong and stubborn Highland lass must face enemies of her past to save her son. Haunted by guilt, Miles has hidden his feelings for years. The day he follows Ada into trouble, fear forces him to accept his fate. Note: This novelette is a short, 10,000 word misadventure between side characters in the MacKay Series. Miles and Ada’s tale takes place during the same time line as Book Three.
Fatal Fantasy by Flamingcrystal Fatal Fantasy by Nov. 19, 2015 40693 words Read a sample
Sonja beland in ñ Aanlyn Gesels Kamer en hier ervaar sy skokkende dinge, waarvan die meeste mense egter salig onbewus is! Herman Die Helsim was die oorsaak dat Sonja in hierdie Aanlyn Gesels Kamers beland het. Hier maak Sonja kennis met Die Flerrie, Alice Die Fortuin Soeker, Die Vulgêre Klipspringer, die Slinkse Honeylicious en Die Vuil Vet Nimfomaan...en Marius, enige vrou se droom man.
Asian & Blonde Hot Lesbians Go Swimming in LA by Booma Zoochao Eeze Asian & Blonde Hot Lesbians Go Swimming in LA by Nov. 19, 2015 13243 words Read a sample
THIS IS PART 1 IN THE SERIES BY BOOMA ZOOCHAO EESE The three of them arrived back at the villa and Booma went straight to the bathroom. Booma sat in the bathroom taking a pee. Her head was in total confusion. She was normally in total control but around Lucille, and now even Cindy, she was having difficulty pulling herself together. She was sitting on the toilet hoping to have a quiet moment...
Oh Naughty Night by Michelle Outlaw Oh Naughty Night by Nov. 18, 2015 7537 words Sample 20%
She only makes love once a year on Christmas Eve. Holly's yearly release is complicated by an incident with a stranger on a street corner. Oh Naughty Night, Pt 1
New York's in Love by Isobel Starling New York's in Love by Nov. 18, 2015 36559 words Read a sample
This funny, bromance will take your heart on a rollercoaster ride! Male model Simeon Duchamp, coverts many addictions, but his most torturous addiction is for his best friend, Model Pieter Bayer. Pieter is in New York for a month of modelling assignments. Simeon decides to tag along,hoping that living with Pieter will give him the courage to share how he feels.That's easier said than done!
Last Chance Motel by Abigail Keam Last Chance Motel by Nov. 18, 2015 39964 words Read a sample
Eva Hanover hits forty years of age . . . and she has it all . . . a brilliant career, a gorgeous brownstone in Brooklyn, and a sexy husband. Or, at least, she thought. In a wink of an eye, Eva's husband leaves her. She loses the brownstone and throws away her career in a fit of pique. With only the clothes on her back, she flees New York for the sunnier climate of Key Largo.
The Penguin Club by Chet Shedleski The Penguin Club by Nov. 18, 2015 68753 words Read a sample
in 'The Penguin Club', Shedleski unveils the comical dark side of love. The protagonist ventures through the relationship abyss while maintaining a satirical viewpoint throughout. "Critics agree, they've never heard of me before." -Chet Shedleski
The Kiss That Changed My Life by Peter 9 Bowman The Kiss That Changed My Life by Nov. 18, 2015 12038 words Read a sample
The true autobiographical story of a princess and a frog – told by the frog.
Rose of Hope by Màiri Norris Rose of Hope by Nov. 18, 2015 185224 words Sample 5%
***Please Note: "Rose of Hope" now features a brand new cover! Her sentence is death. Evil turns the life of Ysane Wulfsingas, a woman of gentleness and peace, into a nightmare that drives her to murder. When a new enemy, the fearsome knight Fallard D'Auvrecher, charges headlong into her life intent on picking up where her former husband left off, her only defense is to guard well her heart.
Sinner by Jianne Carlo Sinner by Nov. 17, 2015 72658 words Read a sample
Navy SEAL Sinner’s trapped in a blizzard with Destiny, a woman travelling with porn DVDs, whips, & cuffs. When the electricity fails, there’s only one way to stay hot.
Sinners Volume 1 by Desimber Cartwright Sinners Volume 1 by Nov. 17, 2015 18443 words Read a sample
For decades, the powerful and influential Catalina Rochester has controlled and manipulated her son, his friends and everyone around her. The next generation has proven not as easy to control as her grandsons and their friends make their own choices. Catalina is not happy, making family bonds, love and life-long friendships unsafe as betrayals, lies and deceit lurk in the shadows.
Japan Folklore Beautiful Lady From The Painting & The Young Samurai by Muham Sakura Dragon Japan Folklore Beautiful Lady From The Painting & The Young Samurai by Nov. 17, 2015 4281 words Read a sample
It was the portrait of a young woman in the prime of youth, and Toshika felt intuitively that it was a real likeness. The face was one of radiant loveliness, and the longer he gazed at it, the more the charm and fascination of it grew upon him. He carried it to his own room and hung it up in the alcove.
Cold River by Liz Adair Cold River by Nov. 17, 2015 91885 words Read a sample
Mandy Steenburg, new superintendent of a tiny backwoods district in the Pacific Northwest, finds the local populace clannish and hostile. She lands in the middle of an old feud where someone keeps trying to kill her, and instinct tells her to run. With the river’s rising, will she find a reason to stay and chance the odds?