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Feel Me Break (A novella) by Tara R. Feel Me Break (A novella) by Sep. 25, 2016 21900 words Read a sample
He met her on the worst day of his life. She met him the day she found hope. Two years have passed since Chloe collected her life together after a loss that wrecked her. Meanwhile, Nick has spiralled into darkness. But the memories they have of each other are as alive as ever. Was their meeting a one-off tryst or was their story just beginning? (Prequel to full length novel "Watch me Rise")
Kiss Me by Chantal Pretorius Kiss Me by Sep. 25, 2016 9005 words Read a sample
Stunning girls are only trouble; Mary told him many times, but John motivates him to date younger girls. Now suddenly he needs to forget the girls and focus on education.
Lover Dear, I'm Pregnant! by Mario V. Farina Lover Dear, I'm Pregnant! by Sep. 24, 2016 2131 words Read a sample
Cynthia Watson and I had become embroiled in an affair. I was married. She informed me she was pregnant. This presented multiple problems for me. This book tells the whole sordid story.
Go Directly To Your Sweetheart by Mario V. Farina Go Directly To Your Sweetheart by Sep. 24, 2016 457 words Read a sample
Robert Stanton and Angela Fuller married. Had enjoyed only one night of bliss before Robert's leaving to serve in the U.S. Army on the following morning. Angela never remarried. During their courtship, the couple had loved a favorite tune in common, "I'll Be Seeing You." This is the story of this couple, the song they loved, and what happened after Angela died.
The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by BB Ellioto The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by Sep. 24, 2016 19679 words Read a sample
First, a randy cougar plays with our deeply sleeping and very innocent jetlagged exchange student. Later, a beautiful teen sadist takes sexual charge. As he strives to prove himself, his painful initiation at her hands under the hot sun on a trampoline will make you sweat as much as he does. Once she teaches him how she likes it, she steers him into an erotic, oiled-up, hours long marathon tryst.
Ross Rosalynn by Rita Saladano Ross Rosalynn by Sep. 24, 2016 23665 words Read a sample
Liz played with her straw, gripping on it like a man's junk, she waiting for the man across to make a move. He dressed in his two-piece suit; he was handsome and dangerous. She played her part right, and she was flirty and seductive, her stare was deadly. The man approached her, "Bartender, another one of whatever she is drinking. Make it two."
Romantic Scene 3 by Sean Eddings Romantic Scene 3 by Sep. 24, 2016 697 words Read a sample
A little romantic scene from the point of view of a person towards a man.
The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sephiri J. The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sep. 23, 2016 10771 words Read a sample
Everyone has secrets; some are just bigger than others. Kristina Velez and Luke Carter share a raw emotional connection and passionate physical attraction. But a shocking revelation turns Kristina’s world upside down and forces her to question everything she thought she knew about Luke. Will she be able to trust his words or will the dreadful secret destroy everything they know and love?
Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 1 by Gars Méchant Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 1 by Sep. 23, 2016 3367 words Read a sample
June and Raven plan Ron's surprise Birthday Party in the first episode of the second volume in the erotic novel, Raven & June.
Dark Bargains - A Romantic Suspense Serial by Olivia Blake Dark Bargains - A Romantic Suspense Serial by Sep. 23, 2016 22040 words Read a sample
I’m the mistress of a powerful man who delights in pain and humiliation. It’s a life I chose, and there’s no going back. Marcus owns me, body and soul, until he uses me up. I used to pray that day would come quickly, until I met his brother, Lucas. Now I just pray that I can have five minutes in the arms of the man who is everything I’ve ever dreamed of, everything his brother could never be.
The Vegas Wedding by Tamara Balliana The Vegas Wedding by Sep. 23, 2016 14684 words Read a sample
Retrouvez les personnages de "The Wedding Girl" lors de leur séjour à Las Vegas ! Une petite nouvelle pour découvrir le mariage à Vegas à travers les yeux d'Alice, Paul, Lara, Nico et Marie.
Love Symptoms by Samantha Lau Love Symptoms by Sep. 23, 2016 2269 words Read a sample
Dedicated first healer of the luxurious city Sinait, Chal'Te receives a late visit of his good friend Sem'Ai. The wise and friendly scholar has come to the doctor with a purpose and insists on a thorough check-up to be helped with a growing itch...
Apart by Rose A Grey Apart by Sep. 23, 2016 14200 words Sample 25%
Dawn is a thirty one year old stuck in a rut. She hasn't had anyone for over two years and is stuck in a dead end job. That is until out of the blue she gets a call from her younger sister Carly who is not only engaged but getting married in two months! Will this be Dawn's chance to shake her life up in the beautiful beach town of Papmoa. Will she find the man of her dreams there?
The Strangest People by Roane Publishing The Strangest People by Sep. 22, 2016 3825 words Read a sample
Stop me if you have heard this before, but a man walks into a bar, and there is a prostitute. No. It isn't really like that... There is a girl who is going to get in trouble if she doesn't bring in money, and there is a gentleman who can afford an hour of her time. He doesn't even expect her to spend it with him. And there is a past that looms large in his life and casts a long shadow.
Bane: Prequel (An M/M/F Bisexual Erotic Romance) by Alex Anders Bane: Prequel (An M/M/F Bisexual Erotic Romance) by Sep. 22, 2016 7672 words Read a sample
Bane felt his c**k tingle. For a long time, Bane had had an unexplainable attraction towards guys. Sure, he was attracted to women as well. But a hot guy had a way of turning him on and making him weak in the knees. Faiden was the hottest guy that Bane had ever seen, and Bane was fairly sure that Faiden was flirting with him. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if the two of us took off right now? We could t
Falling Into Stars: Episode 1: Hawk Lands by Kindred Nights Falling Into Stars: Episode 1: Hawk Lands by Sep. 22, 2016 5010 words Sample 64%
Falling Into Stars: An Epic Space Erotic Romance Episode 1: Hawk Lands It will take more than a genetically engineered Space Marine to keep her from falling into the stars beneath and it'll take a special woman to show him a universe worth living in. Get ready for some of the hottest sci-fi you’ve ever read! This is an erotic romance wrapped under the covers with a thrilling space opera.
The Visitor Has Company: A Friendly MMF Menage Tale by K.D. West The Visitor Has Company: A Friendly MMF Menage Tale by Sep. 22, 2016 28269 words Sample 20%
Lea, Andy, and Sean are settling in for a nice quiet evening at home — handcuffs, some lube, threeway love at its best— But the doorbell rings, announcing an unexpected guest. The Visitor has a visitor, and who knows what that will bring? Danger? Disaster? Wedding bells? For whom? To whom? With whom? The wild conclusion to The Visitor saga! (MMF, FMF, polyamory romance, bisexuality.18+)
Glow by Lita Bronwyn Glow by Sep. 22, 2016 56841 words Read a sample
Join Amelia on an amazing journey of magic, romance, and discovering long hidden secrets. Her love is a vampire, keeping secrets of his own, and now they're on the run from someone who wants the centuries old book that she found. Nothing around her is what it seems. What will happen when light is shed on it all? Will Fate intervene?
Love Takes the Cake by Roane Publishing Love Takes the Cake by Sep. 21, 2016 6066 words Read a sample
Bad breakups are never a good thing. Even if love is involved. Josh McIntyre has been avoiding his ex-girlfriend Annie for quite some time now. He’d left her, and their relationship on a sour note. Now thanks to their close friends and a wedding, he won’t be able to avoid her anymore because he was assigned a job by the groom.
One Savory Summer by Roane Publishing One Savory Summer by Sep. 21, 2016 7163 words Read a sample
Curious to experience Earth’s pleasures, Holt d’Wyrden wanders from his own realm into the life of a divorced teacher. Rebel Aiden struggles to whip her farmhouse into marketable condition. When she finds a young, handsome stranger sleeping in a tree, her summer becomes more complicated. With a touch of elven magic, Holt woos the luscious redhead.
Coffee Chronicles by Chandrapal Khasiya Coffee Chronicles by Sep. 21, 2016 6611 words Read a sample
Life happens. Either it shatters us or makes us stronger. A decision taken three years ago still haunts Rihan, makes him realise how failed he is. But one day, a person from his past crosses his life, and things starts turning well. Sometimes all we need is a cup of coffee with the right person.
The Royal Wedding Night by Annabel Joseph The Royal Wedding Night by Sep. 21, 2016 15205 words Read a sample
This five-chapter novelette invites readers to enjoy the happily ever after of Royal Discipline—Thomas and Violet’s courtship, their wedding and bedding, and the morning after, when the newly married couple find themselves alone—and bonded—at last.
Spring Fling: Six Mini Chick Lit Tales by Carla Caruso, Sarah Belle, Samantha Bond, Laura Greaves, Vanessa Stubbs, & Belinda Williams Spring Fling: Six Mini Chick Lit Tales by ,
& Sep. 20, 2016
35914 words Read a sample
Spring… It’s a time of renewal and growth. A time to shake off the winter doldrums and let the sunshine in. A time to ditch the old and welcome the new. A time when things blossom and bloom — often when we least expect it. Spring is also a time for awkward first dates, fun flirtation, bad breakups, sexy men, hilarious misunderstandings and the first flush of new love!
I'll Be Waiting by Roane Publishing I'll Be Waiting by Sep. 20, 2016 6864 words Read a sample
Finding someone who makes you smile is worth every risk. Angela has pined away for Nick since they were kids, but he’s off limits. She’s supposed to plan a going away party with his sister, but Angela’s spending more time daydreaming than planning. Every glance from him drives her closer to throwing caution to the wind and has Angela wondering if he might feel the same way.
Books by Daniel Nyberg by Daniel Nyberg Books by Daniel Nyberg by Sep. 20, 2016 97249 words Read a sample
This is a compilation of three books written by me. They are entitled:- Dave (A True Story) - Nonfiction; My Final Flight (Discovering the Psychology to Survive) - Nonfiction; and, H.R.H. - Fiction, based in part on my autobiography. They are offered free for one month. After one month they will be available individually. Please enjoy. Kind regards, Daniel Nyberg.
Freedom Found by Roane Publishing Freedom Found by Sep. 20, 2016 8680 words Read a sample
Tessa found independence from her strict adoptive parents...or so she thought. But when they involve the police in her disappearance, her loyalties will be tested and boundaries pushed to snapping points. Will the devotion of a kindred soul and a self-proclaimed hero be enough to help Tessa escape a tangle with the law, or will the religious zealots who raised her ruin her chance at freedom?
Diamonds That Kill (A Romantic Political Thriller) by Yvonne Crowe Diamonds That Kill (A Romantic Political Thriller) by Sep. 20, 2016 168448 words Read a sample
The number of deaths attributed to "conflict" or "blood diamonds" diamond mining is in the millions. Slave labor has always been used to mine those diamonds, the working conditions left the workers dead and maimed. Starting with the mining of the diamonds, this story traces them all the way until they become the jewelry you could have bought and worn. A fiction novel rooted in reality.
My Super Sexy Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Super Sexy Sex-Slave: Episode 1 (Part 1) by Byzantine Thomas My Super Sexy Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Super Sexy Sex-Slave: Episode 1 (Part 1) by Sep. 20, 2016 3125 words Read a sample
By far, one of the coolest things my Dad ever did for me was on the Christmas following my 18th birthday, when he bought me a sex-slave. At the time, I thought I was pretty fucking lucky - excuse my French. And I still do. Especially when I found out who my sex-slave was, well, none other than my absolutely gorgeous and super sexy prep room teacher, Miss Rose.
Perfect Pond: The Beginning by Connie Perry Perfect Pond: The Beginning by Sep. 20, 2016 62688 words Read a sample
Cast your line and reel in romance, red lipstick, strappy high heels, and vintage dresses found in Perfect Pond: The Beginning. Classie Jones battles brutal bitterness, horrific nightmares, and death in order to return home and fight for the love of her life, Jake Mercy. Be lured in and catch feelings of love, hate, joy, romance, and surprise.
Falling Backwards by A.K. Layton Falling Backwards by Sep. 20, 2016 9519 words Read a sample
Can these two friends survive falling backwards into love?
A Soldier's Unconditional Love by Frank Keith A Soldier's Unconditional Love by Sep. 20, 2016 17436 words Sample 20%
Anne and Jim deeply love one another and very happy together. One day, Jim gets sent to Viet Nam. In “Nam”, Jim goes through a tough period of trial and tribulations, concerning his loyalty to his beloved Anne. This is particularly so in Saigon. Will he manage to remain devoted to his love? And will Anne also remain faithful to her Jim while he’s fighting a two-front war, thousands of miles away?
Escolta by J.X. Nulud Escolta by Sep. 20, 2016 6467 words Read a sample
Charles spends his day at the flea market where he meets a girl in the most unexpected way. Drawn together by the situation of their lives, they end up spending the day together sharing their experiences of heartbreaks and realize that they are both lost souls finding the right direction. Was their meeting on that particular day was by chance, mere coincidence, or fate?
To Drink Love by William Gore To Drink Love by Sep. 20, 2016 776 words Read a sample
I very strongly liked the girl from work. I decided to invite somehow her on the Internet to drink coffee on what she told me "no".
Random Thoughts Of A Nobody by Fayil Shaukat Random Thoughts Of A Nobody by Sep. 20, 2016 2984 words Read a sample
Life…. It’s the greatest teacher of them all…. It never ceases to amaze, always full of surprises. In our journey of life, we go through various phases…. some good, some not so good, but each and every one of these phases is equally important for us to move ahead in our journey of life. This book is inspired by these different phases that all of us experience at some point in our lives.
Star Management by Elle Crosby Star Management by Sep. 19, 2016 11901 words Read a sample
After being ordered to show the superstar Alexandra Brownstone around her small town so she could escape the blowback of a letter, Alexandra wrote to the press. After a romp in the rain, Maddie and Sophie’s life changes forever. Will this small town bring love to Maddie or will the bright lights of San Diego squash what Alexandra and Maddie shared?
A Family Of Secrets by Daniel Chucks A Family Of Secrets by Sep. 19, 2016 7218 words Sample 30%
Daniel's family is a big one. Not just in population but in deeds and secrets. With acrimony and bitterness everywhere, everyone with a secret would have to guide his/hers meticulously! But with a rival brother, and a hating step-mom all waiting to pounce, for how much longer can Daniel in particular, steer himself away from controversy?
If You Were The Only Girl In The World by Mario V. Farina If You Were The Only Girl In The World by Sep. 19, 2016 668 words Read a sample
Bill and Betsy Russell had just been married. They were in the sitting room waiting for the reception to begin. Betsy told Bill that she had been on Youtube the previous evening and had heard a song sung by Perry Como that she had enjoyed a great deal. This story reports the conversation they had.
Temptation by Kit Fawkes Temptation by Sep. 19, 2016 17116 words Read a sample
Facing an arranged marriage to the Sundown Pack’s next Alpha, Elise escapes her room on a full moon to spend a night embracing her wolf side. When she meets and mates with a mysterious fellow wolf-shifter, they discover the next morning just how forbidden their joining is, because Mical is an Omega. The two to risk everything for a chance to be together.
Five Five Six Main Course by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena Five Five Six Main Course by Sep. 19, 2016 636 words Read a sample
My gang and I are back and better than ever in the oncoming civil war against the deadly Middle Eastern formed terror group, ISIL and the one tyrannical bastard now overseeing it all on his hefty big ass throne, Mr. mental inbred species racist, Johnny Rebel.
На вилле Монтанья-Гранде. (Из романа На вилле Монтанья-Гранде. (Из романа "Франсуа и Мальвази"). by Sep. 19, 2016 59078 words Read a sample
Выборка из романа "Франсуа и Мальвази" всего повествования касающегося событий произошедших на вилле.
Soldier by Catherine Lloyd Soldier by Sep. 19, 2016 22091 words Read a sample
Two linked tales of two amoral men transformed by the women who love them. Set in 13th Century England at Christmas. In Mercenary, Lord Broderick's wife dies in childbirth.Tess, the daughter of the lord whose lands Broderick has usurped, becomes the infant's wet nurse. In Jester, Dumas, a deformed clown travels the countryside with his assistant, Fallon, a young woman who is disguised as a boy.
Lizard Lick by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena Lizard Lick by Sep. 18, 2016 412 words Read a sample
If the eerie and rather somber atmosphere of an old abandoned mental facility isn't bad enough to give you mad vibes and feels, a gloomy memory of a certain some cheetah close to all of us and yours truly at the head of my gang just very much might.
Found by Avarice Rose Found by Sep. 18, 2016 8284 words Read a sample
When young feminist screenwriter Skylar Jones moves to Hollywood to advance her career, she doesn’t expect to fit in with the Hollywood it-crowd. But when she falls in love with billionaire movie star film producer and alpha male wolf shifter Zack Rider and blasts to the top of the Hollywood food chain, Sky must drop her unfair preconceptions and rediscover her inner confidence.
Blind and Dark by Angelina Krafft Blind and Dark by Sep. 18, 2016 77261 words Read a sample
Not all of what we see is true. Not all of our beliefs are true. One of the most profound convictions "this world is the only one!". But this is not so. And the main character of fiction novel "The blind and dark" is direct proof of this. The story of the true evils of the soul and the healing power of love.
The Guide of Time. The Novella by Cinzia De Santis The Guide of Time. The Novella by Sep. 18, 2016 16972 words Read a sample
A fascinating journey through human history. A timeless love story. A deadly rivalry
Hysteria by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena Hysteria by Sep. 17, 2016 566 words Read a sample
Jennifer Jasiri Gisselbrecht, born July 1st, 1996 to her lovely parents Darrell and Karen, and formerly known by her two past pen names of Wolfen Saunderson and Aaron Solomon, is a female spotted hyena author (being reborn again as a female spotted hyena and only a Spotted Hyena) and writer of Action/Adventure fiction and Crime fiction/Thriller books which hails from and currently resides in MD.
Suicide Attempt by Mario V. Farina Suicide Attempt by Sep. 17, 2016 2024 words Read a sample
When I went to Wanda's house as I usually did before going to work, I found her despondent. We had had a confrontation the night before and she declared she intended to kill herself because I had treated her badly. While I watched, puzzled, she took a handful of pills and washed them down with amaretto. I called 911 and she was taken to the hospital. This story tells what happened after that.
Ledene rože by Sandra Pavlic Ledene rože by Sep. 17, 2016 13203 words Read a sample
Jennifer se odravi s svojim zaročencem na romantične počitnice v Švico. Ko prideta tja pa že prvi dan njune počitnice pokvarita Charlie in Susan, Tedova sodelavca. Jennifer se kmalu znajde v spletki laži in prevar in njen odnos s Tedom se zamaje.
Dorothy by Anya Wylde Dorothy by Sep. 17, 2016 60992 words Read a sample
Anya Wylde is back with yet another Fairweather sister novel full of comedy, adventure and, of corse, toe curling romance.
Mister Reporter: Book 1 by Rajashree Srivastava Mister Reporter: Book 1 by Sep. 17, 2016 44627 words Read a sample
A romantic story about a Man's yearning, a woman's determination and in between the plight of war refugees. Victoria was a proud successful business woman who was working effectively for war refugees and her community but that was until she had an Interview with the rude hotshot reporter Adrian Chase of Channel 18. How far can you resist a man?