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ПЛЕННИК НОЧИ by Maximiva Natali ПЛЕННИК НОЧИ by March 24, 2017 4511 words Read a sample
Умирая, мать попросила Катрин, разыскать семью отца. Но городок в который прибыла девушка в панике. Что так напугало жителей? Сможет ли Катрин развеять суеверные мифы, и действительно ли это мифы?!
The Sheikh's Purchased Bride by Holly Rayner The Sheikh's Purchased Bride by March 24, 2017 57727 words Read a sample
Amie Shaw is a struggling actress, desperate for her one big break. After a chance meeting with a tall, dark, and mysterious man, she’s offered the role of a lifetime: the chance to portray a role in a luxurious Middle-Eastern country, and the outrageous sum of $500,000 for doing so. It seems irresistible, but Amie doesn’t yet know what she’s getting herself into…
A Weekend in Brussels by John Francis Kinsella A Weekend in Brussels by March 24, 2017 33740 words Read a sample
It’s summer 1966 in London. Pat Wolfe, a recently married twenty six year old, is launched on his career in a City of London engineering firm. His conventional life changes when he meets Elsa, a Finnish exchange student. Pat breaks with the conformity of the world he lives in, a trap he realises leads to a mind numbing in the rut existence.
The Unfaithful Wife by Mayumi Cruz The Unfaithful Wife by March 23, 2017 3245 words Read a sample
A guilt-ridden wife writes a touching letter to her husband.
Vampires chateau by bosy elselhdar Vampires chateau by March 23, 2017 33493 words Read a sample
vampires chateau With face covered with something black over my head , “what’s this?” Someone pushing me , his hands on my back pushing me to go inside. Mammy’I started to yell” Please ,where are you mammy? For me ,I was a little child scared to death, I was just 8 years old , Someone pulled this black thing uncovered my face now. I was screaming , I want my mammy , he didn’t answer
Second Time You by S.G. Lovell Second Time You by March 23, 2017 69031 words Read a sample
A second chance romance about a pole dancing wallflower and her university crush turned boss.
Dinner For Two: A Thriller Short Story by Mayumi Cruz Dinner For Two: A Thriller Short Story by March 22, 2017 4554 words Read a sample
A hearty, delicious dinner prepared, cooked and served with lethal love.
Impatience - A Sophisticated BDsM Short - Jo's Manhattan Diaries Book 1 by Gwenna Craig Dover Impatience - A Sophisticated BDsM Short - Jo's Manhattan Diaries Book 1 by March 21, 2017 4230 words Read a sample
Jo is a girl like you. A girl just like your friends, like a thousand other girls in the city. Jo works in an office. She has dinner and drinks with friends. But she can't deny her urge to be dominated. She never felt satisfied and any man she dealt with seemed like a boy to her. No one seemed good enough and her impatience was starting to get to her -- until she met David. Unashamed, Jo giv
In At The Deep End by Lorraine Pallot In At The Deep End by March 21, 2017 85180 words Sample 20%
Abandoned in apartheid South Africa in 1973, an Australian mother and her four young sons set off on a journey to find safety, security and the ultimate goal, new love.
Pequenos contos loucos by Batuta Ribeiro Pequenos contos loucos by March 21, 2017 2516 words Read a sample
O que seria do mundo sem os loucos, os psicóticos e os sociopatas? Pessoas que não sentem nada. Pessoas vazias e sem piedade.
Hat-trick of Failures by Hiranya Borah Hat-trick of Failures by March 21, 2017 1896 words Read a sample
If you fail once, comfort yourself as, failure is the pillar of success. If you fail twice, comfort yourself, it happens sometimes. If you fail consecutively three times, kick your butt from behind. Oh, you cannot do that by yourself. Then you ask your girlfriend to do that favour. But in this story, that is the problem. He failed consecutively three times to win over a girlfriend.
A Forbidden Issue by Hiranya Borah A Forbidden Issue by March 20, 2017 2210 words Read a sample
Manish was able to muster courage to discuss his traumatic experiences with his own wife that too on the very first day of their marriage. What was the reaction of his wife? Finishing her statement of wisdom, she embraced her husband, which was reciprocated by her husband with full intensity. Next morning, Sunita got up from the bed as a fully satisfied wife of a truly male husband!
Miranda Jones, Book 4. Aftermath by B C Austen Miranda Jones, Book 4. Aftermath by March 19, 2017 84383 words Read a sample
Miranda's new life is ready to begin, but why has Joel drawn away from her? She reluctantly lets him go in search of new stimuli, but it's left her confused. Peter, her first love wont let this opportunity go by. He vows to win her back. Will Joel return in time to prevent an affair? And what of the demon that is haunting Clover's house. Who will survive?
The Beginning: Emmalyn's Journey by Prisca Martin The Beginning: Emmalyn's Journey by March 18, 2017 11740 words Read a sample
Emmalyn is married to an abusive husband. He has controlled her life and everything within her life. As she tries to find herself again, she finds herself submitting to her wants and needs when Carlos comes to find her. This is a short story and is Book 0.5 of the Finding Change Series. It begins the story of Favors and Freedom, Book 1 of the Finding Change Series. Has Sexual Content. 18+
The Reluctant Fool: The Tainted Series by T.L. Tate The Reluctant Fool: The Tainted Series by March 18, 2017 31929 words Read a sample
Book 2 follows the events of The Reluctant Scoundrel. Lance and Jen have fallen back into their routines with one major change—Jessa. Last time, Jessa forced Lance into an extramarital affair. Now Jessa was coming to stay with them and Lance needs to find a way to ensure he won't succumb to her treachery again. However, Jessa has more than a few plans up her sleeves in order to make him hers.
The Prince and The Player by Tia Louise The Prince and The Player by March 17, 2017 85414 words Read a sample
"The best edge-of-my-seat book I've read in months! Zee and Cal are my new favorite couple. Intrigue. Secrets. And a strong heroine. Who could ask for more?" -Ilsa Madden-Mills, Wall Street Journal bestselling author A sexy con artist. A playboy prince. A job gone terribly wrong. Let the games begin...
Freeing His Dark Edges -Dark Edges short story- by Kane Caldwell Freeing His Dark Edges -Dark Edges short story- by March 16, 2017 7032 words Read a sample
Surprising Chase Black is not an easy task but when he opened the little box on Christmas morning to see tickets to one of the biggest MMA fights in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, he was shocked. I thought I’d had the reins on our trip but since then, Chase keeps giving me those looks, a smirk that says I’m the one in for a surprise.
Davina Again by Limey Lady Davina Again by March 16, 2017 10723 words Read a sample
Dave, spurning her given name of “Davina”, has records to set straight. Okay, so she is a boring IT nerd, but she’s had more lovers than Don Juan. Angry at being the low point in a three-girl triangle, she’s ready to strike back. Having recently lost her virginity she now tells how she came out and started to experiment.
Cherry-Picked by the Billionaire: Part One by Anita Snowflake Cherry-Picked by the Billionaire: Part One by March 15, 2017 6181 words Sample 20%
Nicole is fiercely independent & will not let her skin color or inexperience stop her on her path to advancement. She wants to make a name for herself, but she doesn’t count on her sexy billionaire boss pinning his eyes on her and deciding to make her his! Once Alan Hinton gets a load of her, he formulates a plan for for her quite different from her own, beginning with taking her innocence—hard.
Memoirs of a Sex Addict by Amoi Kin Memoirs of a Sex Addict by March 15, 2017 28832 words Read a sample
I am just your average college student with crazy friends and abnormal obsessions. For example, I like having sex with two guys at the same time… That doesn’t sound exactly right. Let me just tell you the story from the beginning.
Colour of Holi by Hiranya Borah Colour of Holi by March 15, 2017 2349 words Read a sample
It might be another failed love story from me. However, I gathered my composure and courage for the first time in my life in front of Arati. I finally invited her to my room and subsequently to my arms. Arati stayed with me for the next three days, as long as I was in Guwahati.
Tussen de regels door lezen by Els Mertens Tussen de regels door lezen by March 15, 2017 1129 words Read a sample
Herexamens ... een moment van stress en zeker voor Sofie, die verliefd is op haar leraar. Zoals ze dacht, verloopt het examen weer niet zoals gepland. En wat er nadien volgt, had ze helemaal niet zien aankomen.
The Tycoon's Barbarian Slave Book One by Julia Ban The Tycoon's Barbarian Slave Book One by March 14, 2017 3802 words Read a sample
Alexandros Stephandis has never been a merciful man. He knew how to look gorgeous and sophisticated but behind the sophisticated veil there was a real predator, a pagan hunter who knew how to play dirty and strike mercilessly. Not that brutality bothered him, but he never knew how the half-animal Barbarian women were hunted or trained and sold. Then he saw Tamara and decided to make her his slave.
Afterglow by Elliott Junkyard Afterglow by March 14, 2017 5602 words Read a sample
Rising pop star Zachary Allen meets Gabe, a slam poet on what should have been an uneventful flight to London. Their chance encounter makes Zach reconsider the choices he's made for the sake of his career.
Yuletide Spakle by Lissa Dobbs Yuletide Spakle by March 14, 2017 4890 words Sample 10%
A Yuletide gift from a friend opens Morgan Harper's heart to things she thought she had forgotten.
A Bridge Unbroken by Cathy Bryant A Bridge Unbroken by March 14, 2017 93822 words Read a sample
A frightened runaway wants her painful past to disappear. Dakota's plan to start afresh is derailed when she co-inherits her grandfather’s farm with her high school sweetheart, the one responsible for the scars on her heart. She's also evading a stalker who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Can Chance and Dakota lay aside old grudges to build a bridge unbroken before it's too late?
Love Letters by Mario V. Farina Love Letters by March 14, 2017 998 words Read a sample
Daniel and Marian were married and deeply in love, but there was the ghost of a romance that needed to be explained. Marian had been in love with another man before she met Daniel. Her love had been firm and profound. Was this former romance to damage her marriage? This love story has the aura of the paranormal in it. You'll remember it long after you've read it.
Validite by Carol Anne Vick Validite by March 13, 2017 63205 words Read a sample
Paige Garrett, a sculptor from Connecticut, travels to Old Quebec City with a friend. Carefree hours of sight-seeing and relaxation turn to anxiety and doubt-ridden moments as she stands on the corner of Rue de Temple, and eyes the small white non-descript business card in her hand, and against her better judgement, crosses the cobblestoned street and enters the quaint, dimly-lit bookstore.
The Laughing Lady by Victor Allen The Laughing Lady by March 13, 2017 5205 words Read a sample
The simple things are the ones that stick: a flash of the eyes, the tilt of a head, a laugh. They endure through time, space, even death. Past lives intersect, intertwine and all debts come due and payable in this life or the next. Love is beautiful, and sweet, and cruel, and deadly. It is not mocked. Find out why in The Laughing Lady.
The Way of Grace by Cathy Bryant The Way of Grace by March 13, 2017 104360 words Read a sample
A justice-seeking attorney dreams of a perfect life. Disillusioned by life as a defense lawyer, she goes to work for the prosecution. But things are not as they appear. Unsure of who to trust, she launches her own covert investigation, then falls prey to a master manipulator and is unwittingly caught in the cross-fire of a personal vendetta. Can she bestow grace on even her enemies?
Sleepwalking: A Lesbian Romance Novella by Cara Malone Sleepwalking: A Lesbian Romance Novella by March 13, 2017 15599 words Read a sample
Leah is a journalism student realizing a lot of things in her life are not as concrete as she thought they were. Morgan has it all together – at least she did until her girlfriend starts showing signs of bipolar disorder and Morgan’s carefully laid plans begin to unravel. An interview for the school newspaper brings Leah and Morgan crashing together in a meeting that will change them both forever.
A Demon's Wrath (Demon King, #1) by Alexia Praks A Demon's Wrath (Demon King, #1) by March 13, 2017 57179 words Read a sample
When the formidable warrior Drake McNamara discovers his precious Pearl of Life, a powerful treasure that has the ability to cure any poison, gone missing along with Cecelia van Zandt, the spirited young woman he saved from a cruel death—he unleashes his demonic wrath by taking Cecelia as his prized prisoner and promises her a dark, rapturous torment.
Chained to You: Bounded by Alexia Praks Chained to You: Bounded by March 13, 2017 37366 words Read a sample
You’re definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It’s a contract. These are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing.
Sea Nymph's Mate by Maita Rue Sea Nymph's Mate by March 12, 2017 4033 words Read a sample
Can you entice a mate to sea? That is what a Sea Nymph must do. To gain a mate, he must woo a human female and take her to his underwater home. Will Dylan succeed in gaining a mate or will he return to the ocean without one?
Anchor by Nicole Blanchard Anchor by March 12, 2017 55864 words Read a sample
Gabriel Rossi has never met her, doesn’t even know her name, but the former Marine turned Coast Guard will do anything to rescue the woman who saved his daughter, even if it means risking his career, his life–and his heart.
The Fourth Door by J.D. Morganne The Fourth Door by March 12, 2017 80139 words Read a sample
In Obedience four doors tower over the city. Three of them are closed and locked. The fourth door is always open. No one is allowed in and it has to be guarded to make sure nothing gets out. There are rumors of wars that killed everything inside, rumors of famine and disease. Jaxon knows that rumors are just rumors. Something lives in the land of door four.
Sluggo Snares a Vampire by Rick Reed Sluggo Snares a Vampire by March 11, 2017 5771 words Read a sample
When Sluggo cruised online chat rooms, he was looking for love. Presenting himself as “Sir Raven,” Sluggo promises his chat room cohorts he is the “master of the night.” And then he meets someone who also claims the title. TepesAllure’s enigmatic messages to Sluggo start out as fun banter, but quickly turn to eerie disquiet. Has Sluggo snared a vampire? This story appears in Unhinged by Rick Reed.
Saying Yes by Barbara Elsborg Saying Yes by March 11, 2017 7880 words Read a sample
Zadie’s negative attitude leads to the loss of her boyfriend, job and flat. Now she’s determined to be a yes girl. Yes, she’d love to flat sit while the owner is away, but one look at the mess and she wishes she’d said no. No is the last thing Tristan expects to hear when he proposes to his girlfriend. Humiliated, he hides out in his brother’s empty flat. He needs a yes woman. Maybe it's Zadie.
AURORA Koltova svetlost by S.J Abbo AURORA Koltova svetlost by March 11, 2017 125819 words Read a sample
U zamračenoj sobi ispred ekrana, prepoznali su ono što im je bilo potrebno- Ljubav. U zamračenom klubu ispred kaveza pronašli su ono što im je nedostajalo- Jedno drugo. Jedino što im stoji na putu su tvrdoglavost i nepoverenje. Kako će završiti najvažniji meč u njihovim životima?
Para Pahlawan Dahulu Kala (Indonesian Edition - Bahasa Indonesia) by Anna Erishkigal Para Pahlawan Dahulu Kala (Indonesian Edition - Bahasa Indonesia) by March 10, 2017 17698 words Read a sample
Kolonel Mikhail Mannuki’ili dari Angkatan Khusus Malaikat terbangun dalam keadaan terluka parah di dalam kapalnya yang telah kandas tanpa memiliki ingatan apapun akan masa lalunya. Sang wanita dari Jaman Batu yang menyelamatkan nyawanya, Ninsianna, memiliki kemampuan untuk menyembuhkan yang luar biasa. Tapi siapa yang menembak jatuh Mikhail? Dan mengapa?
Passionate Daydreams, Our First Selection of Real Erotic Interludes by Misty Musette Passionate Daydreams, Our First Selection of Real Erotic Interludes by March 10, 2017 15725 words Sample 20%
He sends her a risqué message, and she responds with a flirtatious reply. They quickly find themselves engaged in a passionate exchange that fills the hours until they can be together again. Sound familiar? These 7 real tales are a blend of quirky humor, romance, and passion. We have compiled our favorite adventures here for your enjoyment and hope they will ignite your own Passionate Daydreams!
Miss Millie's Groom by Catherine E. Chapman Miss Millie's Groom by March 10, 2017 41487 words Read a sample
It is the summer of 1914 and Britain teeters on the brink of war. Society girl, Millicent Awbridge, is oblivious to the impending conflict and preoccupied with the recent shooting of her horse. When she confronts the culprit, Ryan O'Flynn, a groom in her father's service, Millie finds romance rather than hostility. But can she and Ryan ever be truly united? "Great read," (5 star review, Feb '17).
CODE SEVEN by EDWADM CODE SEVEN by March 10, 2017 9398 words Read a sample
Adam Smith is a young ambitious teen, whose life gets crushed accidently by Simon, a high school buddy. He faces self-rejection and ends up ruining his future in search of freedom. later, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, unable to turn back.
Catching Onix by Renee Conoulty Catching Onix by March 09, 2017 6735 words Read a sample
All Grace wants is to keep her son safe and happy but will she be able to protect him when his passion for catching Pokémon leads him to strike up a conversation with a stranger?
By my Side by Natasha Weber By my Side by March 09, 2017 7067 words Read a sample
Andrea and her husband Dakota are having marital issues. Things are made worse when she brings an android home who was previously one of her coworkers. The human race is an endangered species due to the amount of humans marrying androids, so Dakota naturally accuses her of cheating.
Dis-lui pour moi by patricia chaibriant Dis-lui pour moi by March 09, 2017 3403 words Read a sample
Une belle histoire d'amour au-delà du temps. Hélène n'aurait jamais imaginé que cinq petites boîtes de carton puissent définitivement modifier le cours de sa vie... L'histoire d'Hélène vous emportera là-bas, dans cet Univers immense où l'Amour est éternel et où la peur de la solitude n'existe plus. "Dis-lui pour moi" est la première histoire courte écrite par Patricia Chaibriant.
Baker Brothers Part I by Dee Powers Baker Brothers Part I by March 08, 2017 7944 words Read a sample
Jack and John Baker are so different that you wouldn't believe they're brothers. Jack is a ripped, athletic, masculine bad boy. John is a sensitive and talented musician. They share a few similarities though. They're both rich, handsome and dating me. Oh, also, they're both tremendous lovers. I don't know which one to choose! Who would you choose?
Aliah by RoxAnne Fox Aliah by March 08, 2017 15561 words Read a sample
What would the story of Aladdin be like if he were a girl? What would it have been like if the protagonist then fell in love with the genie instead? Aliah is my version of Aladdin with those questions in mind. In this Refurbished Fairy Tale you learn a little more about the world I made for Annan as well as my own take on where genies, djinn, came from.
An Unexpected Mating (A Companion Novel to The Unexpected Trilogy) by Lilly Rayman An Unexpected Mating (A Companion Novel to The Unexpected Trilogy) by March 08, 2017 17499 words Read a sample
An Unexpected Mating takes readers on a tumultuous journey with Numito Romero, Alpha of the Romulus pack. Follow Numito through some of the most important, and toughest times of his life as he loves and loses not one, but two mates. Will the love of his children be enough to give meaning to his life?
The forest kiss by Dalia.D Diaa The forest kiss by March 08, 2017 1384 words
Did I ever really care? I don't think so, you may ask me about what but I won't tell you, do you know why?.....because I'm a liar, I lied to myself and to you because I cared....I cared a lot, so bring it because honestly I'm getting my happy ending even if it's full of howling. and so our herione sonivare (sonia) says, but it is easier said than done.