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Mad for Love by Elizabeth Essex Mad for Love by May 03, 2016 52377 words Sample 20%
Rory Cathcart’s appreciation of the exquisite makes him the perfect man to expose forgeries and root out fraud in London’s tempestuous art world. But when his latest investigation into forged paintings puts him squarely in Mignon du Blois’ shaky sights, it's going to take pretending to be a thief and stealing back her father's forgery to win her heart. Love is the most priceless treasure of all.
A First Date On A Windy Day by Mario V. Farina A First Date On A Windy Day by May 03, 2016 2558 words Read a sample
Matthew was in love with the lovely Glenda Robinson. He wanted to make a good impression on their first date. But he wore a hairpiece that had a penchant for blowing away when he was driving a sports car. He feared this would happen at the time when he least wanted this. Alas, it did blow off on his first date with Glenda. Her reaction was priceless.
Ishq Janay Toor Amad by Hassan Ali Ishq Janay Toor Amad by May 03, 2016 74564 words Read a sample
Ishq Janay Toor Amad is a Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Writer & Novelist Amaya Sardar Khan. The novel is all about beautiful relations of a family and friends and when we talk about relations, love and affection is the foundation of almost all relations. We expect love, care and sacrifice in all relations. This novel is based on love story of Arib Waqar Khan and Ana Ahad Khan.
Repeating History by Hanleigh Bradley Repeating History by May 02, 2016 40021 words Sample 20%
Clara Delos decides to move back to London when she breaks up with her long-term boyfriend. In her first few weeks back in the city, she gets accepted for an amazing position at one of the country's largest advertising companies, but she quickly realises that it's a little too good to be true. Waiting for her, sat back in her chair, feet on her desk, is one Andrew Contius.
Broken Rules by Hanleigh Bradley Broken Rules by May 02, 2016 40609 words Sample 20%
Aurora Stone knows what it means to keep the rules. She's lived with the expectations of the people around her. The only person who's expectations aren't met? Hers. On the spur of the moment, Aurora decides to break the rules. Only the list seems endless and Aurora is a little overwhelmed by it. When she sees Landon sat at the bar watching her, everything changes.
Wicked Lord: Part One by Shirl Anders Wicked Lord: Part One by May 02, 2016 26089 words Read a sample
Lord Trinity Blacknall stalks the night hunting for rogue vampires that take human lives. He and his brothers demand order. But one night something calls to him which he has never felt before. And he finds a lady in grave danger from a beast he cannot name. As he tries to save the lady, her blood taunts him with savage cravings and it takes all his tremendous willpower not to become her attacker.
Bad Boys & Billionaires: An Anthology by C.J. Pinard Bad Boys & Billionaires: An Anthology by May 02, 2016 136165 words Read a sample
The Bad Boys & Billionaires Anthology is brought to you by four bestselling authors who love their bad boys! Each story will sizzle up your reading device, which is why these stories are for readers 18 and older! Tangled Beauty by K.L. Middleton Hunter by C.J. Pinard The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend by Sierra Rose Boss by Lexy Timms
Iridescence by David Manoa Iridescence by May 01, 2016 22837 words Read a sample
Sent to prison for a crime, I didn't commit. I experienced the horror and corruption that changed my life forever. The only thing that kept me going is my girlfriend, Samantha Evans. Without her unconditional love and hope. I know will make it. I have to make it, for her. My name is Brandon Rain, and this is our story. Contains content for Mature Audiences.
The Wedding (Book 3.5 of the Falling For You Series) A Short Story by Danielle Lee Zwissler The Wedding (Book 3.5 of the Falling For You Series) A Short Story by May 01, 2016 7416 words Read a sample
You're invited to the wedding of Payton Taylor and Keri Richards.
The Official Love in Bloom Series Reading Order by Melissa Foster The Official Love in Bloom Series Reading Order by May 01, 2016 494 words Read a sample
This is a reader guide outlining Melissa Foster's current Love in Bloom big family romance collection and reading order as of March 2016. The Love in Bloom big family romance collection consists of several subseries. Characters from each subseries appear in future Love in Bloom books. All Love in Bloom books may be enjoyed as stand-alone novels, or as part of the series.
Chinese Fortune Cookies The Ruse by Mario V. Farina Chinese Fortune Cookies The Ruse by May 01, 2016 2003 words Read a sample
Robert Drake was enamored of Wanda Fisher but was too shy to let her know. Harry Collier, an associate at work, agreed to help him reveal his interest. But, it was Mrs. Collier who was responsible for the advice that Harry gave. This story tells why.
Before I Wake by Seven Steps Before I Wake by May 01, 2016 11883 words Read a sample
In the spirit of The Twilight Zone, Unsolved Mysteries, and the X Files, Before I Wake contains two haunting love stories with a mind blowing endings that will leave you with one simple question: Was It Real?
Blake All Over by Ryan Baker Blake All Over by May 01, 2016 10382 words Read a sample
A love story beyond time, space, and description. Allow your mind, heart, and soul to be touched by the most amazing romance story ever told.
Violet Reborn by Livian Grey Violet Reborn by April 30, 2016 26755 words Read a sample
Sacrificed to dark spirits known as the Enorahts and transformed into an eternal being of brilliant white light, a young peasant girl named Violet is cursed to search the world as a kelesnae until she finds the one who will help her regain her human form. Four hundred years pass before she finds Nate, a sullen boy who unwittingly becomes the key to Violet’s rebirth.
Drawn to You by Serena Grey Drawn to You by April 29, 2016 69621 words Read a sample
On the night she discovers her ex’s engagement, Rachel meets Landon, the most attractive man she has ever seen, who, for some reason, mistakes her for a hooker. However, he’s so sexy. And it’s just one night… What harm can there be in giving in to the desire to lose herself in his touch? She doesn't plan to ever see him again, but Landon has other plans and he's not willing to let her walk away.
Love on the way... by Rikky Bhartia Love on the way... by April 29, 2016 3498 words Read a sample
It is a very short sweet love story of two people in Mumbai constructed on a real life tragedy, Mumbai blasts. And gives a strong message to the readers.
The Kiss by Charmain Marie Mitchell The Kiss by April 29, 2016 2477 words Read a sample
The Kiss, is a short, but very sweet love story taken from, The Sex, Love, and Sparkling Wine Anthology. An anthology of love stories which consists of 1 full length novel, 1 long novella, and 3 short stories.
I'll Conjure You Up A Fortune by Mario V. Farina I'll Conjure You Up A Fortune by April 28, 2016 3750 words Read a sample
Adele was not very good at being a psychic. But dowdy Silvia was going to be easy. And it was! Everything went Adele's way from the start. Suddenly unexpected events began to occur. There was a surprise occurrence at the end. Can you guess what it was before you reach the end of the story?
EUROPA Awakenings by PR Garcia EUROPA Awakenings by April 28, 2016 200859 words Read a sample
An assassin, a secret attic, a mother’s diary, a life of lies. Europa must accept these realities and discover the real truth of Atlantis and its connection to the ice moon Europa, if she wants to live.
True Valor by Jax Hunter True Valor by April 28, 2016 54413 words Read a sample
True Valor is Book 1 of 5 in the True Heroes military romance series. AF Pararescueman Nic D’Onofrio just buried his best friend. He finds Julie, alone and lost, not even knowing who she is. Trouble catches up and Nic and Julie are on the run, trying to put the pieces together before they’re the next victims. With the help of his team, Nic races to save Julie before it’s too late.
Mail Order Bride Margaret (Montana Destiny Brides, Book 1) by Amelia Rose Mail Order Bride Margaret (Montana Destiny Brides, Book 1) by April 28, 2016 20484 words Read a sample
Sweet Clean Historical Cowboy Romance. Declan O'Bryan left Ireland to settle in Montana. The only thing missing from his life now is a wife Margaret McGreggor, answers an advertisement for a wife so that she can get out of her sister's cramped apartment and start a new life for herself. Can Declan and Margaret find love?
Veintiun años de soledad by Cynthia988 Veintiun años de soledad by April 27, 2016 84047 words Sample 20%
Una historia de amor paranormal que te enseñara la importancia de valorar a las personas que amas
Scent of Tears by M. Juan Knecht Scent of Tears by April 26, 2016 87405 words Read a sample
Book 1 in the Conchos and Lace Series: Charlie Horn, the orphan son of a sea captain, is given a second chance at survival when a wealthy ranch owner in Monterey, California, becomes his benefactor. Don Topo treats him like a son, and Charlie, who dreams of becoming a vaquero, loves working on the Monterey estancia.
As the Candle Burned by Mario V. Farina As the Candle Burned by April 26, 2016 2865 words Read a sample
Vic was meeting Marie for the the first time. They agreed that finding someone new after being divorced is difficult. Marie said she was a good catch and had an offer for men that could not be refused. How would Vic feel about the offer? He found out as the candle burned.
The Last Choice by Alex Anders The Last Choice by April 26, 2016 14897 words Read a sample
No guy goes on a TV show like ‘The Bachelorette’ expecting to find love. So when the roguishly charming, Ford Stone meets Rose Kaitlyn, the gorgeous bachelorette, it seems to him like a dream come true… until he discovers that everyone who gets eliminated, dies. After that, Ford has to figure out who’s killing everyone, save everyone’s life, and if he’s lucky, win the heart of the bachelorette.
Planet Single Preview - Chapters 1-3 by Maggie McGuinness Planet Single Preview - Chapters 1-3 by April 26, 2016 7906 words Read a sample
Bad kissers, sexy sales reps, charismatic conmen and dashing detectives – welcome to life on Planet Single! Katerina is blasted off from the world of marriage and lands in her new life, wishing she'd had time to gather some essentials like a dating guide book, some fancy undies and a much thicker skin. Kat learns single life can be exhausting, chaotic and painful - but at least it's never dull!
Spring by Kyle Roach Spring by April 25, 2016 1537 words Read a sample
A small collection of two flash fiction pieces that exemplify the romantic aspects of spring's arrival and passing.
BWWM: SECRET (A Billionaire African American Romance) (BWWM Interracial Romance Book 1) by Vanessa Lafferty BWWM: SECRET (A Billionaire African American Romance) (BWWM Interracial Romance Book 1) by April 25, 2016 8413 words Read a sample
Beautiful, stunning, hot, sexy, intelligent Athena Katsaros filled with mysterious thought and personality. A woman that you don't want to miss, who trained just for revenge? With that, an unidentified man that she have never met. A man that she just met that saved her life... and she was able to trust him? But how long will this trust last? Only that day... or for as long as she's being saved?
A Meal To End All Meals by Mario V. Farina A Meal To End All Meals by April 25, 2016 4637 words Read a sample
Vincent had not been happy with Nancy Beth and had taken steps to remove her from his life so that he could seek a better partner. Susan Wilkerson seemed to be the ideal replacement. One happy experience with her was followed by another, then another. There came a time when she cooked a splendid dinner for him. See whether you can guess what happened after this sumptuous repast.
Her World by Lisa Michele Her World by April 25, 2016 85300 words Sample 20%
Love. Such a fickle, soothing and at times destructive emotion. Fortunately, for Holly Sparks she steers clear of it and pushes out any man who even hints at feeling that for her. Unfortunately, for Holly two men are already in love with her in the most desperate and passionate way. A detrimental mistake she believes will only hurt them in the long run. Holly’s heart needs one but wants the other.
First Encounter: (The Billionaire Guardian Book One) (A Billionaire Romance) by Leydy Otero First Encounter: (The Billionaire Guardian Book One) (A Billionaire Romance) by April 24, 2016 8977 words Read a sample
After being jilted at the altar, a heartbroken Camille Preston is desperate to get away. She decides to make use of her planned honeymoon and escapes to the Caribbean. She is encouraged by friends to move on by having a fling, no strings attached while on her trip. It was supposed to be a quiet getaway until she met Ex-Marine Jason Pryce who was on a solo vacation, seeking an escape from his .....
Soulmates by Hiranya Borah Soulmates by April 22, 2016 6627 words Read a sample
This is a poetic description of much anticipated first night of a couple. Happiness of a married life is standing on few solid pillars. Some of them are faith, love for each other, mutual respect, physical intimacy, mental compatibility, common goals, children, good communication, resilience, financial stability and understanding between husband and wife. Pillars are not in a particular order.
A High Country Tale: The Commencing Tale-- Columbine and Bells by Zachariah Jack A High Country Tale: The Commencing Tale-- Columbine and Bells by April 22, 2016 8932 words Read a sample
An introduction to a duo of duos, 21st century jungle fever alternative lifestyle couples, wading their way through the capers and travails served up by life in style as a modern American family.
Ashley's Journey: Deflowered by Osthanes Ashley's Journey: Deflowered by April 22, 2016 2327 words Read a sample
The woman’s voice did soothe her, but she was not ready. Ashley had never been with another woman and most certainly did not consider herself to be a lesbian. She never even considered that she could be bisexual … and yet part of her wanted to surrender ...
Judge Me Fair A Love Story by Mario V. Farina Judge Me Fair A Love Story by April 22, 2016 2711 words Read a sample
He had been wrongly accused of murder. His sweetheart knew this and was helping him behind the scenes. You won't believe the ending of this love story.
Spires of Dreamers by Danielle Nelson Spires of Dreamers by April 21, 2016 153091 words Read a sample
A woman. A man. One meeting. This is not enough for many people, but for this couple, even a word was not necessary. Back to the 50s. When Anne moved to Oxford, she did not imagine the disappointment, and several challenges she would face. Also was not in her mind that she would fall in love suddenly, with the only person she could not love.
Catalina Blues: A Love is an Open Road Story by Marlo York Catalina Blues: A Love is an Open Road Story by April 21, 2016 28211 words Read a sample
Stranded in the Pacific Ocean during WWII, an american gunner and a polish ace pilot discover that a brief romance can help them get to the other side of the war. For a few days they can get away with loving one another.
For the Love of Meat by Jenny Jaeckel For the Love of Meat by April 20, 2016 26027 words Read a sample
For the Love of Meat combines whimsical and surreal illustrations with engaging, intimate encounters that explore the depths of human experience. Unique and diverse in setting, and with touches of magical-realism, these nine stories will tug at the strings of the wandering, romantic heart, setting it delightfully ablaze.
Bought And Paid For: The Billionaire's Girlfriend by Lara Hunter Bought And Paid For: The Billionaire's Girlfriend by April 20, 2016 43288 words Read a sample
A charismatic, young, and gorgeously handsome playboy billionaire, Harvey Pace can have anything in the world. Today, he wants a girlfriend. After courting a big business deal for many moons, Harvey finally has it in the bag, if he can just impress the traditionalist, morally-upstanding investors. Needing to shed his playboy image fast, he concocts a plan...
Keeping It In The Middle by Lyn Denver Keeping It In The Middle by April 20, 2016 6803 words Read a sample
Chapter Three of the serial, Keeping It In The Middle, an equestrian love story. Van and Tyler attend a high-goal match at the club and then head to the Cadillac Bar with Morgan and John. When Tyler's jealous ex-girlfriend shows up, everything gets a little out of control.
The Dating Intervention (Book 1 in the Intervention Series) by Hilary Dartt The Dating Intervention (Book 1 in the Intervention Series) by April 20, 2016 94016 words Read a sample
When Delaney Collins's fail-proof dating system fails completely, her best friends, Summer and Josie, stage The Dating Intervention, taking complete control of her love life. Then Delaney meets Jake Rhoades, a sexy Greek god of a man who comes to her rescue when she's rear ended at a traffic signal.The problem: Delaney has relinquished control of her romantic adventures ... or has she?
Seasons of Love by Kevin Focke Seasons of Love by April 20, 2016 2412 words Sample 61%
This short story collection, unique and intriguing as the shifting seasons, peers through the looking glass of love.
Cowboy Temptation by Ella Gottfried Cowboy Temptation by April 19, 2016 40797 words Read a sample
Romance: Cowboy Temptation - When a romantic city wife meets a hot country cowboy...
Chinese Folklore The Legend of Dragon King Daughter by Xenosabrina Sakura Chinese Folklore The Legend of Dragon King Daughter by April 19, 2016 3592 words Read a sample
At the time that the Tang dynasty was reigning there lived a man named Liu I, who had failed to pass his examinations for the doctorate. So he traveled home again. He had gone six or seven miles when a bird flew up in a field, and his horse shied and ran ten miles before he could stop him. There he saw a woman who was herding sheep on a hillside.
Luna Proxy #1 (Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn Luna Proxy #1 (Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by April 19, 2016 13738 words Read a sample
A grimy world surrounds Leila Ulric. Gangs roam the streets, her dead-end job has no end, and her apartment isn’t much larger than a walk-in closet. Her life looks to be turning around when a death leads her to a new apartment with a new roommate. The improvement in possessions, however, doesn’t lead to the satisfaction she hoped. A walk in the fresh night air leads her to stumble on a mystery
Packed by the Alpha (BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance Mystery) by Ali Beckett Packed by the Alpha (BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance Mystery) by April 18, 2016 3113 words Read a sample
Kate Langdon’s family has been living within Shady Coast Territory as guests of the ruling wolf pack since the abduction of their father and his best friend, the Alpha of the pack, five years ago. Being the only humans allowed within the Territory, Kate’s family has learned to adapt to the pack’s strict rules for the family’s protection against the unknown enemy.
Too Hot to Handle by Alexis Anne Too Hot to Handle by April 18, 2016 177914 words Read a sample
Romance Series Starter Set. Get both "first in series" novels from Alexis Anne in one box set! THE STORM INSIDE Falling in love the second time around is much sweeter (and hotter!) A second chance love story about finding yourself and taking care of the people you love. TEASE Two weeks, no strings...and one unforgettable love story. Keep reading the Storm Inside and Tease series!
Eighteen Months by C M Crossing Eighteen Months by April 17, 2016 817 words Read a sample
Is eighteen months enough to forget someone you love? A poignant short story of a man's love that transcends life itself.
When A Daughter Rapes Her Daddy by Ariel L'Amant When A Daughter Rapes Her Daddy by April 17, 2016 3744 words Read a sample
Warning: Extreme daddy/daughter incest and graphic detail. Not for sensitive readers. Lucy's Dad taught her that she should fight for what she wanted. But what if she wanted something she couldn't have? Or someone? In this case Lucy is hungry for a hot session with the man she adores the most. The only question is, how far will she go to get it?
The Bloody Triangle -- a short story by Kitten K. Jackson The Bloody Triangle -- a short story by April 17, 2016 5932 words Sample 25%
Author Kristen Quinn is in love with a great guy named Scott Landen. The problem is that Scott neglected to mention the fact that he's living with an unstable woman named Tonya Hudson whom he's been trying to leave for quite a while. When Tonya finds a photo of the happy couple on Scott's phone, she can't hide the crazy anymore!