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Conjurer's Oath by Malachi Stone Conjurer's Oath by Jan. 23, 2018 86,210 words Sample 100%
A teen on the verge of adulthood unlocks the secret of time travel. Along the way he encounters romance, danger, and first love.
Affliction by Marie Skye Affliction by Jan. 23, 2018 8,000 words
A prominent doctor enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies, until he begins to question his original intent.
A Whisper in the Wind by Amy Sparks A Whisper in the Wind by Jan. 22, 2018 18,360 words Read a sample
Whispers control my mind and thoughts and it's killing me. They tell me how to save them, how to set them free. I can't live with these voices inside my head. Somehow, God wanted me to hear something different. A voice. A voice that wants me to help it and I can't say no because it won't go away. If I'm helping this voice, we're going to do things my way. My name is Savannah, and I hear whispers.
'Til Fear Do Us Part by Michelle Gross 'Til Fear Do Us Part by Jan. 22, 2018 67,880 words Read a sample
She was just a child when she was attacked by something explainable. Since then, Melanie Rose has had the unique ability to see ghosts. Her haunted life only got worse the night of her eighteenth birthday. Unreal things started appearing before her, she knew the evil from her childhood had finally returned to take her life. Melanie knew she must control her fear before FEAR claimed her.
Expectations by Konrad Winters Expectations by Jan. 22, 2018 21,740 words Read a sample
Becca didn't want to meet a man, she was through with them. But Janet, her next door neighbor, was captivating in more ways than one. A whirlwind romance that explores gender-blending relationships and brings these two together in a love that neither of them expected but both of them cherished.
The Delectable Queen: Book 1 - Up To Something! by Hamzat Adams The Delectable Queen: Book 1 - Up To Something! by Jan. 22, 2018 3,290 words Read a sample
Frank and Harry are brothers. Harry, a playboy always have two or more girls at a time clamoring for his attention and willing to keep their company when needed, he always keep up with his sex trends and by so doing, a couple of them have fallen in love with him but despite all these remains one most desirable woman on this planet he wanted to fuck so badly and he’s willing to do anything possible
Seven Weeks of Winter - Part 1 - Lessons in Isolation by David Schipp Seven Weeks of Winter - Part 1 - Lessons in Isolation by Jan. 22, 2018 15,140 words Read a sample
After recently losing his wife and becoming estranged from his children and friends, Thomas Shaw finds himself alone and adrift. A week away in isolation is just the thing he needs to pull himself together. It is only when he believes that his is life is all but over, that he is ready to find love and hope in the most surprising of places...
Eleni & Menelaos - Ελένη & Μενέλαος (Greek Edition) by Yorgos Ntovas Eleni & Menelaos - Ελένη & Μενέλαος (Greek Edition) by Jan. 22, 2018 13,130 words
Synantithikan tyxaia se ena Kafe exo apo to Antirrio. Anapantexes synantiseis pou odigisan se ena megalo erota!! Συναντήθηκαν τυχαία σε ένα Καφέ έξω από το Αντίρριο. Αναπάντεχες συναντήσεις που οδήγησαν σε ένα μεγάλο έρωτα!! They met incidentally in a Café outside Antirio. Unexpected meetings that led to a great love!!
Ena broxero apogeyma kai polles ilioloustes meres - Ένα Βροχερό Απόγευμα και Πολλές Ηλιόλουστες Μέρες (Greek Edition) by Yorgos Ntovas Ena broxero apogeyma kai polles ilioloustes meres - Ένα Βροχερό Απόγευμα και Πολλές Ηλιόλουστες Μέρες (Greek Edition) by Jan. 22, 2018 27,950 words
Ena broxero apogeyma kai polles ilioloustes meres Ένα Βροχερό Απόγευμα και Πολλές Ηλιόλουστες Μέρες One rainy afternoon and many sunny days
Scarab Falling Through Time by Helen Allan Scarab Falling Through Time by Jan. 21, 2018 58,570 words
Ancient Mystery – Timeless Love. ‘An eternity as an immortal in slavery was not what she had in mind.’ Desperate and alone, Megan uses a powerful and ancient talisman to escape modern-day life and make a new start in ancient Egypt. But powerful enemies lie in wait. Will an alliance with the handsome and secretive Franklin save her? Or cause her to lose everything, including her heart?
Hard Irish Luck by Fireside Reads Hard Irish Luck by Jan. 21, 2018 86,300 words
Hard hat in hand, Jared Weldon goes undercover, but the answers he finds at McKenna Construction leaves him drowning in passion — and hard up against a killer...
Promessa de Honra by Dane Diaz Promessa de Honra by Jan. 20, 2018 4,500 words Read a sample
Conto inspirado na música "Fire Meet Gasoline - Sia".
Rabbitry by Jeff Hayes Rabbitry by Jan. 20, 2018 50,330 words
Rabbitry, a pentalogy. Five fine short stories, upon two themes. The first three follow adventure deep in high Alpine mystique. The latter two stories trace relationships spanning life and tragic death.
Aquilo que você não sabia by Dane Diaz Aquilo que você não sabia by Jan. 20, 2018 71,220 words Read a sample
Anita faz intercâmbio em Orlando e não pensa em namorar. Flávio vive em um país distante da família e enfrenta a rotina de um pai sozinho. Quando conhece Flávio, Anita se apaixona e "esquece" de dizer algumas coisas. Palavras não ditas e os rumos da vida de ambos parecem brigar contra os dois.
Mrs. Jones Part 1 by Elizabeth Thorn Mrs. Jones Part 1 by Jan. 20, 2018 8,930 words Read a sample
Mrs. Jones, a gorgeous blonde with the face of a model and the body of a centerfold, has been lusting over Ryan, a handsome alpha stud, for far too long. At least that is what she tells herself, ignoring the voice of her conscience. A troubled conscience that tells the smoking hot babe that she should control herself. After all, Mrs. Jones is a married woman with a reputation to think about.
A Return To KP by Mario V. Farina A Return To KP by Jan. 19, 2018 900 words Read a sample
Ann wasn't feeling well. I asked if I could do anything to help. She said yes, I could do some housework. I offered to do it, never thinking she would accept. But she did and, now, I needed to do it. This story tells about my return to KP. I had not done anything like it for over seventy years when I had been in the Army. Ann gave me a reward that made everything I did well worth while!
She Came With The Tide ~ Crescent Creek 0.5 by Viviana MacKade She Came With The Tide ~ Crescent Creek 0.5 by Jan. 19, 2018 28,740 words Read a sample
She had no clue her life changed with that simple ‘yes’.
Alpha Bitten (Shifter Short) by J. M. Klaire Alpha Bitten (Shifter Short) by Jan. 18, 2018 6,410 words Read a sample
Sarah is a half-breed wolf shifter in heat- who can't shift or be part of a pack, both of which she wants more than anything. Her best friend Amber is a witch who wants to help. The ritual Amber sends Sarah to do alone inside the fairy ring, at midnight, during the full moon, is supposed to take care of Sarah's needs, finding her a mate. There's only one problem- she's missing a key ingredient.
The Perverts by Ina Disguise The Perverts by Jan. 18, 2018 1,460 words Read a sample
Oliver has it all, fame, wealth, a wife, a family, adoring fans and an unknown capacity for hard work, so why does he find a grumpy, sarcastic and slightly deranged thumbnail photograph so compelling?
Jigsaw Jill Christmas Slaying in Italy by Gary Hancock Jigsaw Jill Christmas Slaying in Italy by Jan. 17, 2018 7,000 words Read a sample
The last vacation Jill, Rosie and Wanda Gayle had taken was to London. Murder and mayhem had ensued. Now Jill was trying to make up for it with a ski trip to Italy. Romance, snow and murder are also on the agenda.
Strong & Sexy by RJ Scott Strong & Sexy by Jan. 17, 2018 117,000 words Read a sample
Excerpts from gay romance stories featuring strong and sexy men. A taster book from the authors of the Queer Romance Freebie & Fan Club.
We'll Meet Again, A Coming of Age Novel by George L Potter We'll Meet Again, A Coming of Age Novel by Jan. 16, 2018 76,700 words Read a sample
We'll Meet Again is a bitter-sweet romance following three guys and two girls who come of age during World War II and the post-war period. These five reared in a small Louisiana town have been friends all their lives. This story trances their interwoven lives through the war and post-war years.
Zoe by Jay Greenstein Zoe by Jan. 16, 2018 84,920 words Read a sample
Zoe has the ability to master any craft, effortlessly. Blessed with a lively mind and wit, she is the perfect mate for Drew, and he for her. And he truly loves her…but calls her his little sister. Men can be so damn dumb.
Flirting With Death by Andre' Mwansa Flirting With Death by Jan. 16, 2018 2,720 words Read a sample
What happened to Kat? Kat was having fun with her friend one night at the bar. She left the bar with a strange man and since then her friends and family have never heard from her. Download and find out what happened to Kat.
Weird & Wonderful Asian Stories by Adam Mann Weird & Wonderful Asian Stories by Jan. 14, 2018 28,040 words Read a sample
From opium poppies in the Indus basin, to hiding in a pond to escape capture, plus four romance stories.
The Living Room by Nyeme Thomas The Living Room by Jan. 14, 2018 1,680 words
The story of a couple and the ups and downs that come with young love
Sincerely, Romeo by Amy Sparks Sincerely, Romeo by Jan. 13, 2018 17,670 words Read a sample
Addilyn: Everyone thinks that they know what love is. Everyone thinks that they know what love actually means in life and how it is shown. I always knew that finding my Romeo would be the hardest thing to do in life. That is until I met Jacob Wilde. Jacob: Love is shit. Everyone would just look at me and think that I would know a thing or two about love. That is until I met Addilyn of course.
Just a Friend by Nikki Whitsett Just a Friend by Jan. 13, 2018 3,070 words Sample 20%
Is it true what they say — that men and women can’t be friends? What if the man is very attractive? It just might be worth noting that the more unrestrained a woman is with her passion, the better it is for everyone. Even if it “ruins a friendship.” (Pshh, couldn’t have been that great of a friendship then.)
Blood Love by McAllister Fen Blood Love by Jan. 13, 2018 1,790 words Read a sample
Passion is strong, impulsive, obsessive, fierce. And when the object of one's obsession no longer reciprocates things tend to become deadly complex.
Jade Book One of the Precious Stone Series by M. A. Silver Jade Book One of the Precious Stone Series by Jan. 12, 2018 52,220 words Sample 15%
Diana Grene is a 57 year old administrative assistant who has been living a secret life for the last 35 years. Jake Connor is the 59 old year, ex-Marine, currently a captain of detectives. It takes a slightly deranged admirer threatening her life to bring Diana’s secret to light. When forced to unveil her alter ego, will the bond Diana and Jake have forged be strong enough to survive?
A Gentleman's Code: The Tainted Series by T.L. Tate A Gentleman's Code: The Tainted Series by Jan. 11, 2018 30,830 words Read a sample
For the fourth installment of the ‘Gentleman’s’ portion of the Tainted Series, Jacob finds himself the host of a wild house party, which ultimately leads to a compromising situation. This titillating story further explores the dynamics of crossing professional and personal boundaries as our main character struggles to stay adrift while being surrounded by a handful of attractive women.
BEYOND EXTINCTION - Even the concept of truth is a lie by John Keeble BEYOND EXTINCTION - Even the concept of truth is a lie by Jan. 11, 2018 116,220 words Read a sample
It's 2077 and the planet reels from human abuse. Investigative author Jack Janis and his golden retriever Max fall for Alice Algafari, an enigmatic researcher, as humans and genetically-evolved numans compete to survive. Alice, Jack and Max run for their lives when her boss ensnares them. A showdown between compassion and science erupts in Mesopotamia with Max as a key to shaping the future.
Daddy, I'm So Horny by Riley Reid Daddy, I'm So Horny by Jan. 11, 2018 3,780 words Read a sample
Lucy is a naughty little girl, and she knows it. Her hormones are out of control and she wants to unleash them on the man she loves the most in life, her daddy. And if daddy doesn't want to play along, she'll just have to force him.
Before The Hunt (Sandra & Naythan) by J. M. Klaire Before The Hunt (Sandra & Naythan) by Jan. 10, 2018 24,250 words Read a sample
When a wolf shifter with commitment issues teams up with a runaway bride to find her a new groom- the claws come out and the fur flies!
Naughty Intentions: Five Sensuous Romances by Suz deMello, Berengaria Brown, & Nicole Austin Naughty Intentions: Five Sensuous Romances by ,
& Jan. 09, 2018
146,110 words
Sensuous romance novellas including fairytale, fantasy, historical, paranormal, shapeshifter, and threesome romance from bestselling authors writing as The Naughty Literati!
Satan's Sons MC Romance Series Book 1 by Inkitt Satan's Sons MC Romance Series Book 1 by Jan. 09, 2018 104,790 words
In my motorcycle club I’ve earned the name ‘Reaper’ and now I have my claim on Abby Harrison.
The Family Whore by Riley Reid The Family Whore by Jan. 09, 2018 3,120 words Read a sample
Kimmy loves her family. In fact, she loves them more than what is considered appropriate. And after getting caught satisfying daddy, her brother wants in on the action. But what happens when daddy finds out? Because he's not the type of guy that likes to share.
Character Study by Nia Eze Character Study by Jan. 09, 2018 25,340 words Sample 40%
Ekanem feels that the 'love and marriage' story of her life is fast approaching its closing chapters. She cannot fathom why her younger colleague, Steve would be the one to pursue her the way she had always wanted to be wooed. He is everything she hoped for in a man but is too afraid to reach out for. Society can be a bitch as she well knows by firsthand experience.
Spiral of Crazy by Lynn Achieng Spiral of Crazy by Jan. 09, 2018 23,030 words Read a sample
She had to move away from the city after spending a year at the Mental Hospital You throw a girl out of the window and you are labelled crazy It was not like the window was that high up.. He moved away from the city to ran away from memories He wants a drama free life Will he see past her impulsiveness? Will she stay in one place long enough to give him a chance?
Bloom by Lynn Achieng Bloom by Jan. 09, 2018 25,810 words Read a sample
He was a world famous musician She was his number one fan He was engaged to be married She loved him since she was twelve One chance encounter Will it be forever?
Faigon's Mate Farseek Mercenary Series Extra by Clarissa Lake Faigon's Mate Farseek Mercenary Series Extra by Jan. 08, 2018 13,840 words Read a sample
Tyema Reznar, a Narovian feline was kidnapped from Earth and sold into slavery in Sargus Empire. A Narovian agent stationed on Earth by the Alliance to fight human trafficking by alien slavers, she is not about to accept her fate without a fight. That fight lands her on the prison planet Julconi where she believes she is going to die the first day. On Julconi there are no guards and no rules just
To Heal a Broken Heart by Ben Swallow To Heal a Broken Heart by Jan. 08, 2018 8,160 words Read a sample
Ian got his heart shattered long ago. But when meets the girl that could put the pieces back together, he might just dare to fall in love again. But can they leave their past behind them, or will their fears haunt them forever?
Awake by Keanan Brand Awake by Jan. 08, 2018 1,520 words Read a sample
Cale, a photographer uncertain of his talent, and Penn, a writer who talks in her sleep, are old friends, but can they be more?
A Daughter of the King by Mrs. Philip Barnes A Daughter of the King by Jan. 08, 2018 43,210 words Read a sample
There are the usual misunderstandings in the small village of Royden, but one year they combine to cause serious friction. An elderly lady, the embodiment of kindness, is turned out of her favourite pew by the new vicar. This is a very readable romance from 1909, with many twists and turns. It has been lightly abridged and edited. A story in the style of Margaret S Haycraft.
The Word of Jeb by Jeff Hayes The Word of Jeb by Jan. 07, 2018 17,520 words
The Word of Jeb, a short story. Part, the fifth, in Rabbitry, a pentalogy. From reconciling the senselessness of fate, can comfort be found in one's life? Would understanding the intricacies of a tragedy bring solace? The remaining member of a family relives the guilt of survival in this continuing story begun in End of the World.
Hidden Feelings: A Story of Love and Adventure by Ben Swallow Hidden Feelings: A Story of Love and Adventure by Jan. 07, 2018 5,550 words Read a sample
Mino was just an ordinary young lad, trying to make it on his own - until one night, he almost got killed in a bandit attack. However, he thinks of that night as one of the most important of his life: it was the night he met Maggy. He joined her group of adventurers, but his greatest adventure of all was being in love. If only he could tell her...
In love with an Alpha by Mia Rose In love with an Alpha by Jan. 06, 2018 80,010 words
Noelle carries a dangerous mixture of mystery and seduction in every situation. No matter how hard he tries to resist, Declan finds himself falling into a dangerous affair with the alluring female while still struggling to find and eliminate the elusive hunter. Will the unexpected distractions create a recipe for disaster or will Declan be able to keep his streak in check?
Unwilling - a Shifter Romance by Hannah L. Corrie Unwilling - a Shifter Romance by Jan. 06, 2018 109,130 words Sample 15%
Things aren’t easy for an Alpha-born werewolf, Jared has lived this truth for all of his life. Darwin doesn’t see life this way. Family is everything and he would do anything to keep his father safe. When Jared meets Darwin, he doesn’t expect to fall madly in love, and he definitely doesn’t expect to care this much about what might happen to Darwin if Jared doesn’t step up and save him.
Starlight's Hearts by Marianne Dora Rose Starlight's Hearts by Jan. 06, 2018 22,370 words Read a sample
Along with the family, Henry congratulated Richard, his younger brother, on announcing his intention to join the Priesthood. Warm affection flooded him, but all the same, he had hoped for more for Richard. Marriage to a good woman, children. Nieces and nephews, cousins to the children he, himself, hoped to father someday together with the woman he chose. Henry must do something to change this.
A New Hero by Sabrina Zbasnik A New Hero by Jan. 05, 2018 291,710 words Read a sample
The YA sequel to Love's Blush. A dashing squire wants to be a knight, the bastard daughter of the King struggles to find her place, and the princess finds herself falling in love with an intriguing assassin.