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It Takes Two by Lily Zante It Takes Two by Aug. 17, 2017 62522 words
Rona Fernández left Verona with a clutch of happy memories. Her late night and frequent visits to the charming Gioberti's restaurant had raised some eyebrows but nobody was overly suspicious of why she would go alone each evening. Not even her husband.
Being Friends With Margo by Andre' Mwansa Being Friends With Margo by Aug. 16, 2017 1222 words Read a sample
What does it take for Gus to win over the heart of Margo his best friend who does nothing but talk about her relationships and heartbreaks?
The Gift, Boxed Set (Books 1,2 & 3) by Lily Zante The Gift, Boxed Set (Books 1,2 & 3) by Aug. 15, 2017 76659 words
What happens when the billionaire with too much money meets the single mom with too much heart?
The Gift, Book 3 by Lily Zante The Gift, Book 3 by Aug. 15, 2017 30764 words
This 3rd installment of the Billionaire's Love Story finds Tobias and Savannah unable to ignore their attraction.
The Gift, Book 2 by Lily Zante The Gift, Book 2 by Aug. 15, 2017 24698 words
The Billionaire's Love Story continues with this 2nd instalment.
The Gift, Book 1 by Lily Zante The Gift, Book 1 by Aug. 15, 2017 27068 words
A billionaire with money but no love. A struggling single mother full of love but with no money. What happens when their worlds collide?
Romance on the Ranch Collection (Dream Kisses, Honey Kisses, Baby Kisses) by Verna Clay Romance on the Ranch Collection (Dream Kisses, Honey Kisses, Baby Kisses) by Aug. 15, 2017 113463 words Read a sample
Books 1 - 3 in the Romance on the Ranch Series: Dream Kisses, Honey Kisses, Baby Kisses
Playing Irish by Brooke Harris Playing Irish by Aug. 15, 2017 85449 words
Book one of the USA Today Bestselling Series. Round one, let the games begin.
Four Stages of Human Relationships by Mario V. Farina Four Stages of Human Relationships by Aug. 14, 2017 1779 words Read a sample
Ellen Waters had formulated a theory about how relationships start from ground zero. She had decided to test it on me, her employer. "Hal," she had asked, "How would you feel if I told you I like you?" The question was perplexing, but it led to further perplexing questions. She must have discussed her theory with my wife, Janet. I was told by my buddy, Jim that she had asked him a question!
Yesterday Today And Tomorrow by Chanchal Yesterday Today And Tomorrow by Aug. 13, 2017 59264 words Read a sample
It was July 2002, I came to Kolkata, as my father who was a soldier got transferred from Panipat. I still remember, our train reached Howrah station in early morning. First time in my life,
Olhos Apagados by Carlos H. F. Gomes Olhos Apagados by Aug. 12, 2017 3629 words Read a sample
E quando chegou o dia que ele deixaria de me proteger, aquela presença sombria também esteve presente, com seu capuz amarrotado e os OLHOS APAGADOS.
Soul Sacrifice (Soul Series - book 3) by Annie Nadine Soul Sacrifice (Soul Series - book 3) by Aug. 12, 2017 106019 words Read a sample
Just when Baden begins to put Annie back together after the loss of Jory, and their lives begin to become everything they hoped it would be, Oliver and Taru intervene and cause more trouble than even they expected. More trials arise for everyone as new secrets and relationships start to reveal themselves and old flames come back to disrupt everyone’s lives. And in the middle of the chaos is the my
Conceit by Alana Albertson Conceit by Aug. 12, 2017 25594 words
Se7en Deadly SEALs, Sins so wicked, they are deadly. Se7en deadly Navy SEALs bound to secrecy about a night that ended in tragedy. I’m Joaquín’s only hope for freedom. No sin is too depraved, no challenge is too great. Even if it means destroying my soul.
Polynesian Gigolo 4 by David Manoa Polynesian Gigolo 4 by Aug. 10, 2017 27539 words Read a sample
Everything I wanted. Everything I have been through... I never thought I would find love again, till I met Catherine and her family. But there is always someone… Something… That always has me at arm’s reach of what I yearn for. My name is Pita Tupou and join me in my struggle, for this is the End of my Story. Contains Content for Mature Audiences.
From Stepbrother to Daddy by Ted Evans From Stepbrother to Daddy by Aug. 10, 2017 11839 words
Liam was the moody, bad boy of our town. I should have kept my distance. But I couldn’t.
Todo Teu #2: Domingo by Nuno Oskar Todo Teu #2: Domingo by Aug. 09, 2017 25670 words
Manhã de domingo, Nuno e Duarte encontram-se para uma corrida pelo pinhal, em direção à falésia que dá para o infinito mar azul do Meco. A noite de Sábado, no Bar do Peixe, apesar de sobressaltada, acabara em beleza e Nuno adormecera exausto e feliz. Mas hoje deverá chegar o Pedro, o ex-namorado de Nuno recém-casado, vindo do Brasil onde esteve em lua-de-mel com a mulher, e Nuno fica ansioso.
Todo Teu #1: Sábado by Nuno Oskar Todo Teu #1: Sábado by Aug. 09, 2017 33365 words
Nos feriados de junho, numa pacata aldeia balnear da costa portuguesa surge inesperadamente Duarte, um advogado lisboeta elegante, que rapidamente se deixa cativar pelo jovem Nuno, um verdadeiro "cavalo selvagem" que ele quer domesticar, um rapaz modesto e inocente que nasceu e viveu sempre na região, abrindo-lhe caminho para novos mundos e novos horizontes de amor e prazer.
Unscripted Temptation by Kenzie Haven Unscripted Temptation by Aug. 09, 2017 8686 words
I must stay away from Ellie Huntly… Learning that Ellie’s been cast as my on-screen love interest made every fiber in my groin twitch. The thought of kissing her luscious lips and fondling her soft curves on-screen for the next three weeks made me think of all the off-screen fun we could have together—until my producers ordered me to stay away from her or I’d be axed. Fired.
Sunlit Shadow Dance by Graham Wilson Sunlit Shadow Dance by Aug. 09, 2017 118048 words Read a sample
The girl you love vanishes - you search and search. No trace is found. You see someone who looks so like her - she looks at you but does not know you, no recognition flickers. Is it a mirage, dream or desperate hope? She likes you. You ask and she comes with you. Her mind sees only sunlight. You see dark shadowed edges. Can you remake your life with a person who holds no memory of you?
A Wedding In Montana by Jason Miller A Wedding In Montana by Aug. 09, 2017 6043 words Sample 20%
Claire Shannon is heading west, to answer a call of love from a mail order bride ad. Join her on this romantic period piece adventure!
A Taste Of My Thoughts Her Taste by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts Her Taste by Aug. 08, 2017 304 words Read a sample
Relationships go beyond into a bond for life. Life often throws us a curve cursing us to a lifetime of loneliness in self solitude. Please enjoy!
Bewitching the Vampire by Carrie Pulkinen Bewitching the Vampire by Aug. 08, 2017 15657 words Read a sample
A vampire must overcome his centuries-old disdain for witches to save the woman he loves.
Understanding Nora by Ruby Molloy Understanding Nora by Aug. 08, 2017 94911 words Read a sample
Contemporary Romance featuring twenty-somethings Nora and Carred. Suitable for over 18s.
Royal Retreat (Royal #1) by Misty Vixen Royal Retreat (Royal #1) by Aug. 08, 2017 20396 words Read a sample
Princess Ellie Lennox is a sexually frustrated woman having a very hard time getting laid due to her status as royalty. Warren Bell is a young healer in love with a woman who he thinks he has no chance with. Lena Campbell is Ellie's best friend, cursed to be undead, reviled by almost everyone around her. Everything changes one night when Ellie brings them up to her family cabin for some fun...
Torn Apart | Part One by ClareMarie Torn Apart | Part One by Aug. 07, 2017 1997 words
When Madison Hunter's childhood sweetheart Tristan Stone left her to pursue his dreams, he tore apart her heart taking a piece with him. Two years later, Maddie strives to complete her own dream of becoming a successful actress hoping this will fill the void of the emptiness inside her. Torn Apart is a story released in five parts as a web-series on my website and on vendors for free.
The Tycoon's Triplet Baby Surprise by Holly Rayner The Tycoon's Triplet Baby Surprise by Aug. 07, 2017 68248 words Read a sample
Sean Lawson didn’t think he had time for a baby. Does he have time for three? It all starts with a stray cufflink, dropped by the irresistibly handsome tech billionaire Sean Lawson, and held in safekeeping by talented attorney Charlotte Waters. Now, with Sean under legal attack from an old rival, Charlotte finds the perfect opportunity to return the cufflink to him...
Devastatingly Beautiful: The Series by M. Piper Devastatingly Beautiful: The Series by Aug. 06, 2017 98665 words Read a sample
When Molly Ward meets Tatum Savage, her world is turned upside down for the second time in five years. She's forced to face the ugly truth of what really happened all those years ago while put in danger no one should ever have to live through. Then, when they finally think they're in the clear, Tatum's past catches up with them in the most horrific of ways.
Prequel: Bluegrass Homecoming Book 1 by Jan Scarbrough Prequel: Bluegrass Homecoming Book 1 by Aug. 06, 2017 19781 words
Grace Baron had always been the good wife, in spite of a marriage based on a careless indiscretion, and sustained not by love, but by old-fashioned morality. She’d raised her daughter, bit her tongue, and silently lived with her guilt. Now that she’s a widow, she can’t help being glad for her sudden freedom. She’d never live her life like that again.
Vroemvrouw Prenataal by Jeske Meinema Vroemvrouw Prenataal by Aug. 06, 2017 2181 words Read a sample
Maak kennis met Gemma en haar chaotische familie. Op de verjaardag van haar moeder komt de hele familie voor verrassingen te staan. Hoe je het ook wendt of keert; één ding is zeker. Net zoals Gemma’s moeder het graag gewild had: het wordt een verjaardag om nooit te vergeten!
Whispering Shadow by Seoran Worg Whispering Shadow by Aug. 04, 2017 17442 words Read a sample
In a land far away, in a land so different with our own, it is in a land where magic exists and alive. For hundreds of years, Varr Empire is led by The Varr family. People believe they are half a God. And they are blessed with beauty and gift to control elements: Wind, Ice and Fire. They are in decades of war with a neighboring nation, and now they are in peril, for their Empress is on the bri
A Courtship of Dragons by Becca Lusher A Courtship of Dragons by Aug. 04, 2017 67406 words Sample 20%
Friends and lovers have always come easily to Estenarven kin Boulderforce, until Mastekh. For the first time in over three hundred years, Estenarven has found a dragon that matters. Now all he has to do is convince him.
IMPRINT ON MY HEART by balajee adhi IMPRINT ON MY HEART by Aug. 02, 2017 4586 words Read a sample
the love story of adithya
Midnight Secrets by Jennifer St. Giles Midnight Secrets by Aug. 02, 2017 102698 words
Is he her darkest dream…or most terrifying nightmare? Cassiopeia’s dreams have never been her own. They are harbingers of death. Yet when she learns her gentle cousin, Mary, has disappeared from a remote castle on the Cornish Coast, the official story doesn’t fit with Cassie’s prophetic dream.
Excuse Me, First Love - A College Daze Romance (Book 1) by Danielle Burton Excuse Me, First Love - A College Daze Romance (Book 1) by Aug. 01, 2017 93856 words Read a sample
Best friends are forever, at least that's what they say. But how long can forever last when you add unrequited love and jealousy to the mix?
He Wants a Solution by Hiranya Borah He Wants a Solution by Aug. 01, 2017 2280 words Read a sample
This story is based on a particular dream of a middle aged person, which he has seen during a mid-day napping. In his dream he was told by a person about a dream experienced by the person for many years. The dream has shattered the life of the person. How?
I'm Back And Stronger Than Ever by Cheyenne Edwards I'm Back And Stronger Than Ever by July 31, 2017 12233 words
This is about a girl who get mistreated the pack not her parents and rejected by mate and run away. She finds a new pack and becomes the beta of that pack. What will happen when she goes back to her pack? what will happened when she goes into heat? What happens when she's taken? How will her mate react to her being kidnapped and being pregnant? How will her mate react to her having another mate?
Skin (A 44 Chapters Novel, Book 1) by BB Easton Skin (A 44 Chapters Novel, Book 1) by July 31, 2017 111608 words Read a sample
In 1997 Ronald “Knight” McKnight was Peach State High School’s only skinhead, and hands down the meanest, most misunderstood boy on the planet. Knight hated everyone, except for BB—the perky, quirky punk chick with the locker next to his. Brooke “BB” Bradley liked everybody, except for Knight. She was scared sh*tless of him, actually. Unfortunately for her, Knight wouldn't take no for an answer.
Gadis Pengobat Resahku by Ma Wan Gadis Pengobat Resahku by July 31, 2017 38167 words Sample 20%
kisah percintaan mungkin sudah terbiasa anda dengar di kehidupan anda. namun, apa yang terjadi jika anda tidak bisa menemukan itu. hal yang sangat sulit ditemukan oleh seorang individu yang mengalami masalah dengan mentalitasnya. saat dia hanya hidup dalam kesunyian. kesepian dan kegelapan. dan hampir tidak ada yang peduli dengan keadaannya yang sedemikian itu. inilah peran yang harus.............
Guide My Heart by Caroline Swart Guide My Heart by July 29, 2017 22136 words Read a sample
A two-week safari in Africa is the perfect holiday for Britney and her friend Meghan. But Chris, the swoon-worthy tour-guide, is fascinated with the paw-print birthmarks on her arm. Mysterious lions and visions of chains haunt Brit after they share a mind-blowing kiss, but is there something deeper than pure animal attraction between the two? Book 1 in The Stirring series.
The Question by Katie George The Question by July 28, 2017 81658 words Read a sample
"Mom, how did you meet Dad?" This simple, simple question sparks a convoluted answer that introduces us to a group of young adults trying to survive the ridiculously humid Southern metropolis of Memphis, Tennessee, and, through it all, the story of how two people meet despite dramatic circumstances.
Miracle by Sabrina Zbasnik Miracle by July 28, 2017 198273 words Read a sample
After the Hero of Ferelden thinks she stumbled into a way to cure the taint and shares it with King Alistair, neither of them took into account any unexpected side effects emerging 9 months later. Two unexpected pregnancies, two unplanned babies, two terrified fathers, hilarity ensues.
A Psalm of Life by Hiranya Borah A Psalm of Life by July 28, 2017 393 words Read a sample
This is one of the smallest novel which can be read within five minutes with only one line in each chapter totalling 253 words.
Unforgiven [Bleach Fanfiction] by Beverly L. Anderson Unforgiven [Bleach Fanfiction] by July 27, 2017 98927 words Read a sample
Bleach Fanfiction. Ichigo has worked the streets a long time, and he's finally made his way to "escort" so he gets some of the better johns. Things begin to spiral out of control when a black haired john takes him home one night, and his world is turned upside down. He starts feeling ways he thought he could never feel.
Contractual Obligations: Part 3: Strictly Business by Zoe Miller Contractual Obligations: Part 3: Strictly Business by July 27, 2017 9296 words Sample 20%
Marie offers to sneak Arsa, the hapless seduction demon, out for her first night on the town and Arsa couldn’t be happier. This is her chance to impress Marie, maybe even seal the deal! Of course, not all crushes are reciprocated. But no need to worry, Arsa--sometimes when god closes a door he opens a window!
Contractual Obligations: Part 2: Performance Review by Zoe Miller Contractual Obligations: Part 2: Performance Review by July 27, 2017 5890 words Sample 20%
Skints are BORN to seduce, so why can't Arsa get past the training course? After a week of failed liasons, the young demon's future at occult law firm Harris, Harris, and Clay is looking bleak. The firm doesn't like demons who don't produce, so Grace decides to take a firm hand with her demon. Bend over, Arsa, it's time for your performance review!
Contractual Obligations: Part 1 by Zoe Miller Contractual Obligations: Part 1 by July 27, 2017 4591 words Sample 20%
Arsa is a Skint, a sensuality demon who preys on human essence. Inexperienced, but eager to steal the souls of the unwilling, Arsa is surprised when her first summoner turns out not to be some drunk college kid with a Ouija board, but Grace Gallant, Esquire of the occult law firm Harris, Harris, and Clay.
I Married Alexa by Mario V. Farina I Married Alexa by July 26, 2017 1688 words Read a sample
This is a story of tells my experiences using Amazon's Echo Dot many years ago when it first came out. I found myself talking about personal things to Echo's "Alexa." I discovered that when I first talked to Alexa, I was speaking to a bunch of bits and bytes, but later, to the real Alexa! This story tells how all this came about and what happened after I discovered she was real.
Please Watch This Girl For Me Large Print Edition by Mario V. Farina Please Watch This Girl For Me Large Print Edition by July 26, 2017 2007 words Read a sample
Mr. James Davis, my employer, asked me to watch a young woman co-worker and advise him what I thought of her. I had reservations about doing this, but I knew my employer to be an honorable man and would not ask me to do anything improper. I agreed and got to know the girl very well. Some weeks later, I gave Mr. Davis the report he wanted and much happened after that. This story tells what it was.
Eva and the Irishman by Janne E Toivonen Eva and the Irishman by July 25, 2017 232688 words Read a sample
Eva and the Irishman, begins the epic love story of two broken people struggling together to regain trust, love, and happiness, where their love for each other can burn at white heat. Resembling the genre mix of the Outlander series in which multi-faceted characters and their stories dominate, Eva and the Irishman's frequent toe-curling sex is the delicious icing on the cake.
A Dream of White Horses by Simone Leigh A Dream of White Horses by July 25, 2017 7978 words Read a sample
Alone in Life.... Kirstie lives alone, with her memories of her embittered past and a determination not to repeat old mistakes. When she meets two very different strangers, what path will she choose to follow?